Yup.. You saw right.

Even the outrageous Fashionista Nicki Minaj’s style can be Snapped up *crowd of women in blonde wigs cheer*

I was walking around my House Of Fraser store (as you do…) *side eye* when i spotted the new Karen Millen Spring collection 2011.. What stuck out to me was this ‘rib like’ detailed dress which looks  like a subtle double of the dress that Nicki Minaj fiercely rocked at the American Music Awards (AMA).

So how to dress the tootsies? Well the options are countless but i picked these gorgeous peep toe heels from River island which don’t break the bank like Nicki’s gorgeous strappy heels obviously do.

Now lets not forget Nicki’s gorgeous Signature pout.. I chose Barry M’s ‘Lip Paint’ range.. but you can choose the perfect pink lippyand layer it with some gloss or vaseline to get that full-bodied pout going on *grrrrr*

Apart from the lovely hot weather and sun that Nicki is blessed with *sigh of jealousy* she is ALWAYS baring lovely glowing skin. Why not try Palmers range of body gloss. Whilst giving your skin some much-needed vitamins and hydrating it to the max.. you get a lovely glittering glow.. (don’t miiind if i do) *chucks it into basket*

And then lastly comes her ever-changing hair.. Nicki experiments with a lot of colours with her hair. So without breaking the bank as well as damaging your hair.. try out ‘ Crazy Colour’. It offers all the colours of the rainbow, and washes out! It can’t get better than that!!!

Happy shopping ladies xxxo


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  1. October 11, 2011 / 2:41 am

    What an excellent array of pictures and information that captivates the reader into spending an hour or two entertained! Thank you for your post!

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