How To Still Master Pulling/ Calling In Clothes When A Brand Says NO!!


Are you considering starting a new career as a fashion stylist and want to take the next step? Well, you have come to the right page!


After the popularity of my video on how to master pulling/calling in clothes, I get asked a lot of questions for what you guys should do after this step. I mean, although my steps are fool-proof, it’s not guaranteed brands will give you clothing!! So in this video I highlight 4 things you can do to still successfully call in clothes, if a brand says no!!

These key steps will give you a head-start in the industry, giving you the tools to master calling in clothes. Helping you get the best images and leaving your clients happy!


Place To Find Brand Contacts:

Diary Directory
Fashion Monitor
PR Shots
Social Media (of course)


What I’m Wearing:

Hair: @dswigs_hair wig, cut & styled by @joshhairandbeauty
Make-up Get The Look Here:
Lipstick: Joan Collins Divine Lips – Crystal
Lashes: Kiss Lash couture ‘Gala’
Mug: Discount Code: ‘FRIENDSOFMINE’


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