Fashion Stylist Tutorial | How To Pack Your Stylist Suitcase!



Hi Everyone! As a Freelance Fashion Stylist, I quickly understood the necessity of learning how to pack a suitcase efficiently!

This video will show you:
– Easy way to remember what to pack in your suitcase
– How to pack a suitcase
– What tools you need to pack your suitcase
– What suitcases I use and why


Watch How I Pack:

As promised, these are the suitcases I use. I highly reccomend the large 34” suitcase!

– Large Suitcase:

– whole set:


– Medium/small suitcase:


Here is the steamer I use:
– Tefal: or


Want to buy a Stylist Tools Kit:

I hope you enjoy it.. Let me know what you think!


I’m wearing:
Asos Top:
Claires Necklace:
Hair by @RoyalCrownExtensions

My Client:
Shot by Tory Smith

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