Natural Hair “Transformation” With Josh Hair & Beauty Review!! #NewHairWhoDis

New hair and now I’m acting all kinds of brand new!! – LOOOOOOOL!!

But seriously! I am in love with my new hair that I got from Royal Crown Extensions!!! I never thought I would be addicted to wigs the way that I am now! In refinery’s words, they call me “a hair chameleon” – I am obsessed with changing my hair up and trying out different styles, colours and brands!

I was at a bit of a hair rut, I needed something new – but classic! So I went to Josh Hair & Beauty to get it installed with a much-needed treatment to my natural hair!


Watch My Hair Transformation


I am now going to be working with Josh Hair & Beauty to maintain my hair under my wigs – which is VERY important!! But they will also be collaborating with me when I feel like “changing it up”. If you are interested in booking yourself in for absolutely anything you can think of.. here is my discount code “ERICA1” and tell them I sent you!!… x


So Lets talk about my experience at Josh…

My 5 stars was no joke! They are fun, friendly, laid back and they book you in for your session and make time for YOU! Like most Salon’s, they have specialists so whatever you want done they have the perfect person for that!

I came with my lil’ afro puff and the stylist Teisha took time to detangle and pre-treat my hair before washing. I went ahead and got a deep wash and short treatment which left my hair feeling smooth, moisturised and replenished.

The cainrowing/braiding/cornrowing.. however you say it.. It was catered to my hair. The pattern, the direction etc. just to make sure that my hair was being protected! I also had a mini-talk through on how to care for my hair… it’s nice to be able to talk to stylists and not feel like you should just sit there and get your hair done. They were open to suggestions and were happy to make room for my “inspo pictures”, just to make sure that my hair looked how I wanted it to look!… Now that’s good service!

Josh prepped my head with cling film (to protect it) and then put n a wig cap and created the wig! They done the customisation of my frontal and everything! p.s. These frontals will be coming soon to Royal Crown Extensions btw….


So let’s talk about the hair…

The hair is from a company called Royal Crown Extensions, I was feeling a little hesitant at first as they were based in America, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my package came. Plus holding the pretty, glossy and cashmere smooth bundles that came wrapped in a pretty pink bow was worth it!!

I got the Brazilian straight, it’s not the highest grade of hair you can get on the market… but you honestly can NOT tell the difference when you see and feel the quality of this hair. The colour I got was natural black, but it does look black most of the time so for those of you who love jet black hair, this is a great option without having to put colour on your hair!!



There really hasn’t been much shedding at all…. Trust me, I have tried my share of hair – especially Brazilian.

It is what it says.. straight. so when you wash and air dry it, it has a slight wave to it but does not go wavy or curly. I love the texture after you wash it too, its full of body and still soft – the perfect texture to blend with pressed natural hair!


Is the length, Bundles true to size?

I got 4 bundles, because I LOVE a lot of hair!! The lengths were 18, 20, 22 & 22 and they all weigh about 3.5 oz each. The lengths are definitely accurate although getting longer bundles always comes a bit thinner so I really could have done with more bundles so it was a bit fuller… I know… *rolls eyes* I like big hair!

Does it knot??..

Still till now, I have not experiences any tangling with this hair… Be sure to put a pea size of oil/moisturiser in it as it does “fly away” if not moisturised. It also holds a curl nicely and doesn’t go horrible when you put products in it… I am using “got to be” hair spray in this image and look how good it looks!


Can you colour it?

I haven’t tried to colour this hair yet, I am thinking about it.. but I love this hair so much I don’t think I want to change a thing!! Every girl wants that long dark lustrous hair as an option right?



Final Thoughts…

Do I recommend this hair company.. YES! They have a sale on at the moment, so that combined with my discount is a steal!! Hair tends to be cheaper in USA so that great too! Its soft, glossy and full of body, plus its texture does not change when you wash it which is definitely a good sign when you want hair to last!! I love the fullness of the hair, if you are like me and you want the hair long, I would consider getting 4-6 bundles for some MEGA VAVA-VOOM!! It curls easily and does go unruly when you put products in it! I think that’s all of the boxes ticked right?

Do I recommend this salon?… YES! In the wake of social media professionals, it is nice to go to someone who has been doing all kinds of hair for a long time.. with REAL knowledge! you know… someone with experience! I tend to always do my hair myself, so it is nice to feel like I am doing something for myself! I wear wigs now for the ‘ease’… Shall I be honest? I hate having to deal with my natural hair sometimes. You’d think from the amount of selfies and insta-stories I post i would be used to holding up my arms.. but I aint… I get tired! So doing my hair always gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do the list!

When you got to a salon, you want professionals, attention, friendliness, open-mindedness and a session which is catered to you and your needs… OH!… Lets not forget a banging new hairstyle! Josh Provides this!!


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Address: 95 Church Street, Croydon, CR0 1RN


Phone: +44 (0)203 638 6861

Discount Code: ERICA1


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