Beauty Review | Masque Bar ‘Dark Circle Reducer’, Collagen ‘Modelling Mask’ + MORE!!

So.. Let’s start of with saying that I am a FAN of Masque Bar Cosmetics!!

I got to try some of Masque Bar’s products earlier this year after fashion week and it honestly was love at first try! I got to try out the brightening sheet mask and done a review (click here).
I love this brand because they offer affordable, on trend, quality masks the tackle just about any skin dilemma you have!
Thanks to Kilpatrick PR – this time around I was lucky enough to get some more products to sample including their new modelling masks!!
I have combination skin, with a devious oily t-zone that I am just learning to tackle!! I also have some pigmentation/freckles around my eyes and some darkened skin around my mouth.. along with blemishes! So I am doing my best to find products that can help tackle this. But besides all the peels, exfoliators and brightening serum’s… it’s just as important to put moisture back into my skin and keep my skin refreshed and rejuvenated!
Out of the products I received….

…I decided that trying out the Collagen mask and the dark circle eye patches for a little “pick me up”!

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About the mask

These amazing powder pots, when mixed up with water, transform into a thick consistency and when applied to the face the mixture hardens into a ‘rubbery’ “sheet” which stops the beneficial ingredients from evaporating. ‘Modelling Masks’ as they are known, are the latest trend fresh from the Korean beauty shores. The formula I got to try has collagen in it which is meant to moisturise and increase skin elasticity, as well as help to purify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells.


How to use

1) Add 7 spoonfuls of water and stir.

2) Apply a thick, opaque, even layer to clean, dry skin.

3) Avoid eye area, eyebrows, hairline, and lips.

4) Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes or until completely dry.

5) Gently peel off mask in a downward motion from outer edges and rinse off any residue with warm water.

My Thoughts..

I loved the packaging of this product and the added measuring spoon for ease! It was a little difficult to stir with the spoon, so i panicked a little when the consistency started to get super thick! I went with it anyways, and there really is no pretty way of applying this thick mask, so get ready to get your hands dirty! The formula is not smooth so it takes a little work to try to evenly smooth this over your face ( I added extra water where needed), but the end results were out of this world. My skin was left cashmere smooth.. I literally asked everyone to “feel my face”! LOL! I was left with bright moisturised and super soft skin..

Even as I type on my laptop – a week later! I’m giving my skin a little rub and it’s still smooth!

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About the patches

Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches are specifically formulated to diminish the appearance of dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under eyes. Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamins A & E help to make under eye area appear lighter, firmer and softer, increasing skin elasticity.


How to use

1) Thoroughly cleanse and dry your face.

2) Remove the patch from the plastic liner.

3) Apply the patch to appropriate area with shiny side facing your skin.

4) Wear the patches for 30 minutes or overnight.

5) Remove the patch, slowly from the edges. Rinse off any residue with water.


My Thoughts…

This is the first time I have ever tried any masks geared toward the under eyes. I love the packaging of this product as well – their branding is so on point!!

Applying these was a breeze! It took some re-adjustment for comfort – which was really easy to do. I also noticed a cooling sensation which was perfect for my tired eyes. I LOVE when I feel products working!

Results!?… Nothing MAJOR after one try, but I noticed that my bags had reduced, my skin looked brighter and under my eyes felt soft & moisturised!

This is definitely a product which I guess you will see results over a period of time when you use it regularly. So I am really excited to see what this can do for me in terms of evening out my skin tone and firming up my under eyes after I use the remaining patches in the pack!


Final Thoughts

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The products are good quality, on trend and at a good price point! Also the products give results! I honestly loved how soft this made my skin feel and with the cold weather and snow, this honestly was the pampering I needed!! The powder masks also give you an opportunity to add oils/ rose water etc. or whatever you want to it to help cater it to your skin! It’s an exciting way of doing some DIY! Also, the eye patches are ready to use and easy to apply and adjust for comfort!



The mask isn’t “ready to use” and you have to be prepared to get your hands a little dirty, so f you are looking for ease you wont’t get it from the modelling mask. You also need to work fast once you put water in so that the mask doesn’t get too thick, as it makes smoothing the mask on just a little bit more complicated.. It dries to a rubber like state after all!


But overall… a little dirt on your hand means nothing if you really want to have super smooth and moisturised skin as a result of your pamper sesh’!! Peeling it off was so enjoyable too – i forgot to add that part!

The Mask is only £4.99 which is VERY cheap for the results!! So do I recommend these products? YES I DO!!!


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