10 Fashion/Beauty New Year Resolutions You Should Make!!

10 Fashion/Beauty New Year Resolutions You Should Make!!



As we step into the new year,

I am hell-bent on embracing a new chapter of my life with new rules!

That includes all things life, family, friends and so much more – but me being a “style expert” I want to give you my ’10 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions’ that you should take into the new year to help you be the best version of you!!


1. Wear That dress

Shake it off, stop procrastinating and just wear that dress! Over the past year I have gone up 3 dress sizes because my PCOS just won’t let me live!!.. I have felt conscious about new folds, lumps and bumps and I have had my mind-set on “loosing weight” all too often.

But It is all about enjoying the present. You are who you are now and you are beautiful/ I am beautiful just the way I am today! So for your new year resolution,  instead of not buying the dress you want or instead of keeping that dress hung in the closet – invest in some great underwear!

Every great outfit starts with underwear… didn’t you know the Beyoncé wears like 2/3 spanx?!!!!

So lets create some lemonade and turn some heads!!


2. Look Boujie On A Budget

Most Bloggers have NAILED THIS!! – how to look Boujie on a budget darlings!!

I am all about investing in pieces and have told myself that unless the bag is exquisite – It’s a no from me! For your new year resolution tell yourself that it’s time to “invest” in staple pieces! I love mixing high-street clothing with designer when I style – you could be wearing head to toe Primark if you’d like and look a million dollars with my hack of pairing it with a designer bag!

Most importantly if you can’t budget for designer, keep your eye out for staple pieces! be picky when looking at details such as the stitching, material (thickness and quality), colours, longevity, comfort etc. Get yourself some staple pieces that will last you!


3. Make A Statement

Lips have become a HUGE focal point last year and thank GOD because I have more than enough to spare!! Make sure for your new year resolutions that you take a step out of your comfort zone and brighten them up to accessorise your outfit! I LOVE the new colours Rihanna has dropped for her Mattemoiselle Fenty Beauty Collection and there are so many other brands who are providing some amazing lippies in colours for ALL!!


4. New Hair… Who Dis?..

So, I took my first step and went blonde… I got the most stunning Balayage done by @joshhairandbeauty (check out my social media to see it @ericafmstyle)

So why not take the plunge this yearfor your new year resolutions and play with your hair colour and styles! There are so many options to choose from which are not permanent! Especially if you wear a wig!!


5. Learn A New Beauty Trick

I think eyeshadow for me has been one of theee hardest make-up hurdles I have had to combat!! Eyeshadow has fast became a social media fav’ having many of us sitting on Facebook live/YouTube watching hours of footage with people creating looks step by step from scratch!!

I love all the different ways you can create the most stunning looks with eyeshadow and hen you get it right… you look AMAZING!! So I urge for your new year resolutions that you to up your eyeshadow game this year! Here are some of my fav’ palettes that I have/intend on inviting in this year!!


6. Stay Glow’d Up!

This year, you’re not going to let anyone steal you shine… this means that you are going to stay glowing and you need the right highlighter to match your “glow-up”! So here are some fo my favourites that you should use as part of your  new year resolution beauty products!

I have found the perfect combo – I add “Sinamon” from the Fenty Match-Stix collection and dust some of the Chic Phreak and girl next door on top!! Or I love Benefit Sunbeam with a touch of Fenty Trophy wife on top!!


7. Give Your Flats the Boot

I am here for staple boots and when you get it right, it’s something that you can even hold onto for the next season! The heeled boots are a more wearable accessory to an outfit than a pair of heels and I have even seen them worn in the office! I love that you can wear from day-to-night and they bring just about any outfit bang on trend! So make sure you bring these into your list for your new year resolutions!!


8. Cut Some Corners…

Express manicure’s are a must!! Thanks to brands like Kiss products with their new “Impress” range and many others, you can now have a perfect, fresh set of nails in a flash! So cut corners for your new year resolutions and try the new trend!

Be sure to get creative with designs, shapes and mixing and matching colours to customise it to what you like!


9. Go “Eco”!

In my opinion, every little helps! I slowly am moving the products I use to eco/animal friendly products! I have to share with you guys that last year I became an official “kiss Club” member with Kiss products! I LOVE their Faux mink lash collection – especially ‘Boudoir’ and ‘Little Black Dress’ which I wear all the time!! This selection looks just as good – if not better than Mink lashes and they are a fraction of the price! I love that you can wear them multiple times (as long as you look after them) too!! So make sure you Go ECO for your new year resolutions!


10. Break Up With Bad Foundation

Last year was a break-through year for diversity (especially Women of colour) and I hope it’s not just a trend (looks at L’oreal & Kylie Cosmetics). Although for years we have had brands cater for women of colour – there was still a gap in the market for women who still fall in-between shades and were having to do the old “mixer” which costs twice as much!! Thank God for Rihanna and brands who were “shook” (who soon followed suit) when she dropped Fenty!

Now I implore for your new year resolutions that you invest in your foundation and break up with the bad ashy shades!! Embrace your colour, don’t get wrapped up in numbers, tones or wanting your face to look light – just get what is right for you because we have the option now to look like the best version of ourselves with flawless skin!!


So I hope that you enjoyed this!! Let me know which resolutions you will be following!!

I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope this year brings you much success, happiness and all the desires of your heart!!

Keep slaying!! xxxo



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