Free Weekly Planner Template


Planning is an essential part of every entrepreneurs life!

But I also think that if you have a few goals to crush i.e. gym, or you have a bucket list you want to get through Weekly planners are essential for taking control of your day and making it more productive.

I began to use a planner about two years ago (see post) and it has completely changed my life!! So I have decided to create a more ‘in detail’ version of the planner I paid for and I am giving it away for FREE!!… Why you ask? because you can never give out too much kindness in the world.

Keep your eye out on the “freebies” section of my blog for more templates!!

I hope you love it as much as I do and please don’t forget to let me know if helps you!!



Option 1 (pink):


Option 2 (neutral)”



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