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GEEK to tha’ SHEEEEEK! I spotted this lady who goes by the name of Mireille Lumumba! The room was half pitch black.. i promise… but i could spot style in the dark deep pits of the blue lagoon… LOL! This girl stood out for me! every piece she wore made a Pure statement. Her outfit SCREAMED vintage and her suede wedges were bang on trend..  i couldnt help but compliment…

Straight of the RUNWAY!

Apart from Rihanna being a HUUUUUGE style ICON for me! I LOOOVE how everything she wears she completely owns it!! Check out her new single ‘only girl (in the world)’ where she is not even wearing… but HOLDING a Marchesa Strapless  Organza  Fall 2010 gown!! *SCREEEEAAAMS* not many people can wear the hell out of a dress by not putting your body in it…. but Ri Ri can…. *grins* Her…


I guess its down to taste… but i would love to see what you think.. hit or miss on Lady Gaga’s Mcqueen heels Related Articles MTV VMAs fashion hit and misses (

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