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Gemma Cartwright

I was lucky enough to meet the gorge’ Gemma Cartwright at the BNTMLive Expedition. She gave me a different Veiw of Styling which was less orthodox and more about having fun and bending the rules to suit YOU as an individual! Heres a bit about her:

Name: Gemma Cartwright

Location: London

Blog: http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/


Job: Fashion Editor of catwalk queen & Big Girls Browse & Full time Fashionista

Who are Gemma’s style icons?
I wish I was Zooey Deschanel. When I saw her in the same blue H&M dress that I own, I got very over-excited that we’d both spotted the same bargain. I’ve also got a highly predictable Marilyn Monroe obsession and love watching old movies for inspiration. I am a bit of a caricature of myself, really!

What are Gemma’s pet fashion hates?
Forced ‘quirkiness’ – that Lucky Magazine thing of putting together two items that really don’t go, just to ‘mix it up’. Sometimes it works (particularly on young student hipsters) but 90% of the time it screams ‘trying too hard’. I also hate Crocs, embroidered denim and exposed midriffs.

Gemma’s big style secret!
Trust your instincts. And your mother. And learn to sew!

My notes from Gemma Cartwright

  • SCRAP BOY SHAPES! Instead of focusing so much on what shape you are and focusing on how to dress that shape… WEAR WHAT YOU LOVE!!
  • Wear the Right underwear and size clothes.
  • Experiment with clothes, try on or buy something you probably wouldn’t buy i.e. Jumpsuit
  • Waist belts are an important body re-shaper.. it gives a magnified illusion of a smaller waist.. INVEST!
  • Invest in non European waist sizes. They are based on your actual waist measurements, so they will fit much better i.e. TK-Maxx.
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