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You might be familiar with theee absolutely stunning Alisha White as a finalist in the best season of Britain’s Next Top Model hosted by supermodel Elle MacPherson!

Alisha was my own personal favourite, I share a passion for modelling too, and I felt as though she was representing me when she blasted through week after week with stunning images!

I was gutted that Alisha didn’t win the title of Britain’s Top Model… But I am equally proud that she got so far, Stood her ground, and was always true to herself and was never bitchy, aggressive or someone who portrayed multiple personalities (as we get often in the house).


Alisha is definitely one of those models that look just as glamorous in real life like in her pics! I was happy to spot her at the BNTM Live expedition in the Excel Centre, and in my hometown Croydon.

I felt BLESSED that Alisha began to follow me on twitter (probably after all my tweets LOL!!) And now I’m even happier because she agreed to do an interview with me!!

So let’s get to Know a Bit more about the GORGEOUS Alisha!!

Name: Alisha S White

Location: South London

Twitter: @AlishaWhite_

Age: Sweet Sexy 19

Background: I’m British Born in England, My mum and Dad’s Parents are Jamaican and My Grand Daddy is Half Jamaican half Japanese.

What inspired you to be a model?

Modelling is my passion, my drive, my everything if I could marry it I would, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! From the High Heels to the catwalk shows…the Lights everything. I just love everything…

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother, shes my real “Role Model”. However I adore Tyra Banks, she does a bit of everything from acting to singing. Now she even has her own show, now thats a real women .x. But I also LOVE Elle just as much for giving me a chance!

What are the toughest things a model has to face in the industry?

Being Black not going to lie, you get judged a lot just from the tone of your skin… which pi**ses me off however that’s life. Also people not liking you with no reason what so ever behind it. Another thing is when other models will try and put you down at castings, But my advice is Don’t even listen just go blah blah..blah.. lol!!

What have you got up to since leaving BNTM?

Just pacing myself really, having fun at model parties which you would never have thought you would get a invite to.
I have met so much more people from the industry which is great, I met Rhianna’s stylist I was in complete shock! lol


I have also got a lot of stuff on the cards, However you have to wait and see for that lol everything’s on the shhh shhhh for legal reasons

What advice would you give to model wannabe’s?

Just be yourself!!!!! No matter what!!!!.

Never lose yourself or who you are to please others, but always bear in mind there’s a time and a place for everything.
My Motto is “I always keep it REAL”…why? Because I don’t have a clue how FAKE feels.
Know how to walk in heels otherwise you may struggle doing catwalk.

Be upbeat Fun and out there, people hate a boring person.

But its ok to be shy, SHY IS CUTE!

What’s your reaction to this statement “everyone wants to be a model”?

Everyone does want to be the model, however there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s every girls dream to be glammed up and what have you.

But its goes back to my statement of KEEPING IT REAL!

Do you think any aspect of yourself has changed from leaving BNTM?

I’m a bit more confident… I’m ‘realer’ than before LOL! And I take a lot more time in picking heels now looooool!

*I toooootally get that, shoes = 🙂 *

Do you have any other talents except being such a good model? lol x

I have a Btec in Performing arts Acting, Singing and Dancing, I got ‘DDM’ in my grad!
I also have a Btec in Business, so I like to class myself as a business women.

*ooooh Alisha.. darliiiing* (queens English accent)

I also have skills in Beauty …

*well you always look stunning!!*

Are there any secret tips you want to share that you were given?

  1. Always wash your make-up off!!!
  2. Live in your heels
  3. Stick to your style…

What’s the most expensive fashion item you own?

Erm… a pair of sandal’s from Elle, there ALOTTT OF MONEY and I HAVEN’T even WORN THEM!

*suuuuuper jealous*

Who do you fancy on the celeb scene?

I FANCY… mmmmmm….. 50 CENT, always have for a long while! I like Big guys lol……

Erm… Also a few Guys I’m following on twitter Lol!

*begins to browse through Alisha’s Twitter following list lol*

What’s your perfect night?

OMG…. the highest heels in the world, a sexy freak’em Dress and all my girls a cool car.. Upbeat VENUE! And great music!

(Sounds FUN.. make sure I get an invite LOL!!) *whips my hair back and forth*


Maybe … Ok I’m rubbish at lying Yes I am *Cries*

(THERE HAAAAS TO BE A QUUUUUEEEEE.. you hear that fellas???) *gaaaassssp*

So that’s all.. for now… Make sure you follow Alisha on Twitter, and keep watching out for her..


Alisha Never give up… Keep going.. you have more than it takes to get to the top!



I snapped this one from Alisha’s Twitter account… this girl is GORGEOUS!!

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