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OK…  After X Factor Cher Lloyd’s performance.. I was definitely impressed! Her new ‘Snog, Marry and Avoid’ Make over has definitely put her in my hottest girls list!!

But I could help but notice… is it me… or.. are you seeing double?

Cheryl’s category hairstyles have slowly been turning into the deep red which she dramatically took on after a few weeks of the show.. and Cher Lloyd has finally joint the movement which has now finally put the icing on the cake to makin her into Cheryl’s mini-me.

I have to give HUGE props to one of my stylist icons ‘Grace Goodward’ for doing such a good job with the X Factor finalist outfits.. this is THEEE BEST X Factor styling EVER!! And I think majority of viewers wait in anticipation to see what the contestants are going to perform in.. and without a doubt my breath is ALWAYS taken AWAY! Cher Lloyd looked HOT!! *sizzle noise*

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