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When styling, one of the basics is working out what body shape you or the person you’re styling (client) is. This basic information will help you find the right look that will bring the best out of you or your client. So what are the different body shapes?

Gwen Stefani Quote

“You have to be brave with fashion.” and she sure is!!

My SAVING Grace.. *que harp*

*puts on Wayne’s world costume & bows down* “we’re not worthy…. we’re not wooooorthy” I Present to you.. My Inspiration… Grace Woodward, one of the TOP stylists Britain has to offer. She has worked with the likes of  La Roux, Duffy, Emilia Fox, Florence and the Machine, Pharrell Williams and MANY MANY MORE.. She has been a contributing stylist and creative director for the Sunday Times Style and worked with…

We totally agree with Miu!

Featured in this weeks ‘Look Magazine’ is the HOT Miu Miu Sequin bag.. Look magazine featured this bag in Electric blue but i am also loving the gothic black *looks back @ pic*. Sequins and embellishment bags are one of this seasons important trends.. whether you snap up a piece which is inspired by this item or you have the cash to flash and buy the real thing… *shopaholic language*…


GEEK to tha’ SHEEEEEK! I spotted this lady who goes by the name of Mireille Lumumba! The room was half pitch black.. i promise… but i could spot style in the dark deep pits of the blue lagoon… LOL! This girl stood out for me! every piece she wore made a Pure statement. Her outfit SCREAMED vintage and her suede wedges were bang on trend..  i couldnt help but compliment…

Straight of the RUNWAY!

Apart from Rihanna being a HUUUUUGE style ICON for me! I LOOOVE how everything she wears she completely owns it!! Check out her new single ‘only girl (in the world)’ where she is not even wearing… but HOLDING a Marchesa Strapless  Organza  Fall 2010 gown!! *SCREEEEAAAMS* not many people can wear the hell out of a dress by not putting your body in it…. but Ri Ri can…. *grins* Her…

Makes Life Easier