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Name: Chau Har Lee

Origin: Chinese but was born and grew up in London

Job: Designer (shoes)

Website: http://www.chauharlee.com/

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Two words…. BAD… ASS…

My breath is taken away everytime i see Chau Har Lee’s work of footwear ART!

Could this be the ‘new’ Jimmy Choo?? ACTUALLY! let me not follow the crowd and say that because of her demographic background *rolls eyes* SO BETTER YET! Looking at another designer I admire Versace and their tasteful sky scraping heels (as seen on celebs such as CIARA)… and following that route of creativity Chau is reversing right up my Londoner Ally!!

I speak for myself saying I have a HUGE Shoe fetish..and Chau’s collection looks like it was whipped up in the most fashionable storm EVER!!! This collection is definitely not for the Faint hearted Shoe fanatics!!! I would Gladly let Santa give me Chau in a pretty box so i can have her make me a pair of heels for EVERY occasion in my LIFE!!!

We have seen sky scraper heels on celebrities such as Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj (to name a very small few)… which make you think *tilts head to the side*.. how on EARTH do they walk on their big toes??

But what i LOVE about Chau’s Collection is that it is Contemporary, accessable and well…as Practical as ‘creative’ fashion can be.. It is said that even the likes of our british Super Model Kate Moss Is a Fan of Chau’s collection… (Go CHAU on that GIRLFRIEND!! *clicks fingers*)

Some of Chau’s recent achievements include being awarded NEWGEN sponsorship for September London Fashion Week, presenting with Fashion East at Somerset House and London Showrooms in Paris during February/March 2010, and winning the ITS#EIGHT Accessories Collection of the Year Award 2009.

Im Hearing you ask … “..Alright.. but how much are they?” …Well it is also said that Chau’s shoe Collection prices can make your bank account £1,500 lighter *eeek* but weirdly.. i’m so in love that i would ACTUALLY consider handing over the plastic card (confessions of a shopaholic).. “..Where?” I hear you shout!… Selfridge stores is where they are retailed strictly on a made-to-order basis!!

So my fellow fashionista’s… I digged for info… so i could give you some basic background about this AMAZING designer…

Where did this begin?:

Chaustudied her BA at Cordwainers College (2002) and then completed her MA at the Royal College of Art (2009). She tutored at London College of Fashion and Prescott & Mackay. As well as working as a freelance designer, she worked at Nicole Farhi as an accessories designer, production assistant and maker of leather architectural interiors. Chau has been working as part of the Bally women’s shoe design team since June 2010; her first designs for the brand will be in stores in early 2011.

What are the signature Designs?:

“My designs span conceptual showpieces to elegant and original but accessible footwear. I often employ a crossover of making and manufacturing processes from fields other than shoemaking in order to realise my concepts. This gives me massive scope for creativity in the design stage by removing boundaries associated with traditional methods. However, my knowledge of traditional shoemaking lets me know how and where I can break these boundaries. Importantly, although my most conceptual designs are showpieces, they are still built to adorn the foot.
To summarise, the more inventive pieces are desirable as bold fashion statements and the more accessible shoes are unique, timeless and beautiful.”

Am I a Chau Har Lee Woman?:

Chau described the ‘Chau Har Lee’ woman to be “Aged between 25 and 50, she appreciates luxury and exclusivity coupled with high quality and considered design. A professional and independent woman with discerning taste, a sense of fun and an awareness of fashion trends, yet she is not a fashion victim.”

Speaking To Chau:

What is your trademark piece?

Chau revealed two styles as her key looks

“the steel heels and the flat pack shoes.”

What’s next for your brand?

“I’m developing my trademark shoes. My work with a plastics manufacturer in Northern Ireland means they are integrating strong plastics (usually used in building) into the flat pack shoes. I then have an engineering company reviewing how the pieces are cut. I’m working with welders on the steel heels.”

Information taken from ( http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/chauharlee)

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  1. April 3, 2012 / 4:00 am

    wow her shoes are amazing, and so are your shoots too! can I ask what is it like studying at LCF? How are the lecturers and tutors and the people?

    • April 5, 2012 / 1:06 pm

      I done a short course at LCF, I really loved it.. my Lecturer Beverly Alt was amazing!! so much info and encouragement to give.. The people were ok.. I mad good friends.. but my focus was to study on my short course LOL!! I DEFF would recommend!! xxxo

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