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So apart from tonight’s Xfactor being the moment when the (moany) british public complained about Rihanna and Christina dancing being to provocatve and showing WAAY too much skin (you should have changed the channel then you old hags)….

When Rihanna entered the stage to sing along finalist Matt Cardle… I believe this was also the moment when the WHOOOOLE of Britain & Ireland’s  stood still.. and then their jaw’s dropped.. funnily enough.. even CHRIS BROWN (Rihanna’s Ex) happened to ‘coincidentally’ broadcast on twitter STRAAAAAIGHT after her performance.. (tut tut…) his Tweet said:

“got damn you sexy!!!!!!..”

To then be deleted in the next 30 mins *puts on columbo detective face*.. hmmmn??

ANYWAYS! Rihanna was showing of her gorgeous legs in a Tre Chiq long sleeve maxi dress with spiced up with the ‘on trend’ thigh high split.. *gasssp of jealousy*… SHE JUST LOOKED ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

We DO NOT blame you Matt *LOOOOOL!!*

Get Rihanna’s HOT look:

Try these 4 options:

Love Label


Honor Gold Plunge Neck Maxi Dress


Open Back Side SPlit Maxi Crepe Dress


Sequin Side Split Maxi Dress


Also how about pairing it with these GOOORGEOUS HEELS:


As you all know.. I am a HUUUUGE fan of Rihanna, She is one of my FAVOURITE style icons… And I feel I’m right to say we are all loving her ever-changing hairdo’s!! *grin*.

She looked absolutely gorgeous last weekend on X factor in her thigh high split  Maxi dress and her gorgeous curl bob framed her face amazingly! So.. I researched a quick and ‘easy’ way to GET HER GORGE’ HAIR!!

For those who find it easier to follow a step by step plan, this is for you:

But then.. for those of us who find it easier following something visual I found this GREAT tutorial on Youtube which ‘funnily’ enough gives a step by step guide for a *whispers* Beyoncé Inspired hairstyle *covers face*, at the end of the day.. you still get the GORGEOUS look!

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ENJOY!!! xxxo

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