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As you all know.. I am a HUUUUGE fan of Rihanna, She is one of my FAVOURITE style icons… And I feel I’m right to say we are all loving her ever-changing hairdo’s!! *grin*.

She looked absolutely gorgeous last weekend on X factor in her thigh high split  Maxi dress and her gorgeous curl bob framed her face amazingly! So.. I researched a quick and ‘easy’ way to GET HER GORGE’ HAIR!!

For those who find it easier to follow a step by step plan, this is for you:

But then.. for those of us who find it easier following something visual I found this GREAT tutorial on Youtube which ‘funnily’ enough gives a step by step guide for a *whispers* Beyoncé Inspired hairstyle *covers face*, at the end of the day.. you still get the GORGEOUS look!

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ENJOY!!! xxxo

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