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location?… yup, you guessed it.. CROYDON… I saw these cute vintage lovers in my hometown which is also known as ‘chav city’ I reiterate. But i must admit.. Croydon is showing to be a real hotspot for the fashion lovers!!

I liked the contrast in these two ladies.. One is styled for a more relaxed boy’ish look still keeping on trend with a wine coloured sweater, denim jacket and a gorgeous pair of washed out boyfriend/worker boots. Whereas the other is styled a lot more girly which reminds me a lot of  the girls I papp’ed for ‘English Heritage‘ I love her courage for subtly pulling of white knit tights and muted plaid print shorts. And I think she accessorized the outfit well by layering pendant necklaces making the outfit complete.

Bravo ladies…

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 7/10

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