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This is a STRICT  confession of a shopaholic

*sigh of embarrassing relief*..

But i saw this bag… and new that at some point..

having this bag IS a necessity to my existence..

This bag is unique, light, has  a beautiful texture and looks even better in PURE FABRIC!!

This Fringe Style bag is a perfect start to getting bang on trend pieces for  Spring/Summer 2011.

As seen on Celebs Such as Danni Minogue.. Mimco is a Rising Designer Label that can feed our fashion appetites with GORGEOUS bags, shoes, wallets, jewellery, hats, gloves, scarves and hair adornments.. *GASSSP*

Apart from It having a bit of a Heavy price tag.. The quality of MIMCO is absolutely outstanding.. The detail put into the bags is AMAZING I am always fighting to get a Mimco bag in the shop window of my store #visualmerchandiser #stylist!! It reminds me of Vintage mixed with the quality of designers like Mulberry etc.

Also, Because Mimco it Originates from Australia, it tends to have has that warm Exotic, tribal, or native kick to their pieces..

Want to buy this bag?:


You can find Mimco in House OF Fraser Stores as well as little boutiques in other shopping centres/standalone boutiques over UK.. So Get shopping.. and keep an eye out for more Mimco items on my blog.. I am sure to be posting up more Mimco Must Haves!!

Happy Shopping xxxo

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