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If I was to say words like Beauty, versatility and energy… or Head to toe River island.. Editorials.. Fashion & celebrity styling.. It send shivers down my Modelsown painting, fashion loving, Vintage wearing spine.. BUT then, if I went on to say words like.. The British Fashion Awards.. Vogue, Company and Elle magazine. or even pushed out the boat by topping that of with A list celebs like Naomi Campbell and Kelis.. *what a mouthful* I’m guessing you would agree with me in saying…


Well combine that… PLUS! A HELL OF A LOT MORE!!… then I got 2 words for you….


I PRESENT to you one of the most sought after Fashion stylists who has the DREAM JOB we all want!!!

I was Lucky enough to catch Arieta and get her to do a Short interview for me so I can get the opportunity to share her with the REST OF MY WORLD!

Arieta is a Beautiful, vibrant person who’s  has “who is she” lingering on everyone’s lips.. Her Energy IMMEDIATELY commands your attention.. and I was lucky enough to meet her at a Company Magazine Casting I attended In partnership with River Island.. She has become a TRUE INSPIRATION to my life.. and Talking and working alongside her has seriously  slapped me into chasing my dreams and never settling for anything less than I desire. She is a Solid Black female role model for me and proof that hard work and dedication SERIOUSLY pays of..

So let’s go…

Name: Arieta Mujay

Ethnic background: Black African British

Place of birth: Lewisham London UK

Job title/s: UK PR Manager / Celebrity Stylist (also for River Island Clothing Company), Face of River TV.

Alongside other key industry people, Arieta also Hosts an annual event of weekly fashion seminars called FASHION CAMP, The event is aimed to Celebrate the creativity in Lagos/ Nigeria *GO GIRL*

If you thought that was enough.. Arieta is also a Guest Judge / stylist for Africa Fashion International held in South Africa. *officially… just DIES*

Describe yourself in 5 words: Tomboy, fierce, ferocious, passionate and an all rounder!

What’s in your handbag?: Blow by Blow (book on isabelle Blow) and my Ruby Wooo lippy.

What’s playing on you Ipod/mp3 now?: ‘KUSH’ by DR DRE!! I only listen to 90’s and early 00’s hip hop. I can’t stand all that Auto-tune shite that’s around nowadays… of course ALL MARY J BLIGE to start and then help end my day..

Is there anything particularly different about working for River Island?: In PR, you are often in the same boat you were in, in your last job… You just need to be confident and do your job to the best of your ability!!

Can you name a few well-known clients you have worked with?: Lily Allen, Kelis, Kelly Rowland, Alesha Dixon, Lauren Pritchard, Tinie Tempah *complete style hottie*, Jodie Connor, Diana Vickers, Ashley Banjo, Alexander Burke… *that’s to name a few… wooooow…*

Who is the biggest client you have worked with?: Naomi Campbell. (My own personal icon *faints again..*)

What’s the best fashion event/show you have ever been invited to?: British Fashion Awards… its 7k a ticket *I gassp* and only the most fashionable are invited!! I was sat behind Phoebe Philo at the last ceremony in November and I met Bianca Jagger *Arieta “dead”* and in 2009, I met Grace Coddington *sooooo JEEEALOUS*

Arieta listed some of these Celebs as the top celebs she has met.. and I don’t blame her one bit. I am SUPER jealous!!

Who is the most memorable celeb you have personally worked with?: They have all been lovely to me thankfully… there are however some really SHITE agents who think they are the stars out there!! *LMAO.. Gawsh I love this chica*

What is the best free-bee (if so..lol..) have you ever received?: A weeks’ holiday..

For those interested in a career in fashion, PR or styling, how would you advise them to start their journey?: Intern, Intern, intern!! Get as MUCH work experience as you can.. it’s not what you know in fashion, it’s WHOM!

Who is your style icon (state if more than one)?: Grace Jones, Mel and Kim, Mary Kate Olsen, Emmanuella Alt, Anna Della Russo.

How would you describe your own personal style?: Tomboy chic, Eclectic, Hobo chic. *in my words.. absolutely fabu-loso*

What fashion magazines do you like to read?: Vogue Italia, Japanese Vogue, Nylon, ID, Dazed and POP.

What trend are you looking forward to ‘rockin’ this spring summer 2011?: Print on Print and a Bit of Brights.

Watch Arieta Pose from Company Magazine ‘High street edit’

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and now a clip of the everyday life and mini interview with Ari’

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It is important for me to turn the spotlight and this blog post just DOESN’T DO HER JUSTICE!!

Hopefully you will see much more on Arieta..

Until then…Stay Fashionable.. and GOOGLE THIS CHICK for PETE SAKE!!! SHE IS A ICON!!

If you would like to get in touch with Arieta.. follow her on twitter @arietawho


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