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Well.. Just because

I love you guys


I have a lovely little Valentines Gift for you…

Last Week thursday, some of you may have seen my tweets about attending a launch night at a chic boutique called…

Playful Promises is a London designed lingerie brand which mixes playful flirty ideas with quirky and directional design.

Playful Promises was created in 2004 by Emma Parker.

Playful Promises like to think the brand is for ‘sassy fashionable girls, who like to say ‘I did it my way’ (preferably loudly firstly to the Frank Sinatra version followed by the Sex Pistols), but who are confident enough to not take themselves too seriously and know that life is there to be lived’.

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Find more gorgeous items on their website www.playfulpromises.com


I was Lucky enough to meet and model for the PR of playful promises at one of ‘The Big Swish’ Events while I was helping out with (organised by The Big wardrobe).

I absolutely loooove playful pleasures collection, it was so comfortable and gave me great support. I believe whatever size, shape or colour you are… there IS something at playful promises to suit you PERFECTLY.

Their collections consist of corsets, bras and panties, quirky gifts and swimwear.

So whats my gift? I hear you ask…..

Well I am giving you a gift of

20% of your purchase

(percentage taken of the total at the checkout)

So all you will need to do

to get this great discount is to

enter the promotion code ‘Erica’ at the Checkout..

and THAT’S IT!!

Discount ends 28th February




Stay Tuned for my Exclusive interview with Playful Promises.

Happy shopping xxxo

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