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Designer Isabella Vinicius

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As you all know, I recently had a shoot for my Styling course at London College of Fashion.

Its my absolute pleasure, to introduce you guys to designer Isabella Soares.

Isabella is one of the AMAAAZING designers I was able to collaborate with for my shoot.

I thought I should take the opportunity and dive in to get to know a little more about Isabella and ask those much-needed questions that we all may be gaaaasping to know the answers to!!


(As in real name) Isabella Soares

Job title:
Studio assistant for the most recent Vauxhall Merit Award Winner, designer Georgia Hardinge.

*I give an impressed gaaaaasp!!*


What’s your design/label name?:
(not yet, but soon to be established) Isabella Vinicius

*I grin*

What’s your Fashion educational background?:
I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer from when I was very young. I was always very artistic but I developed a particular interest for fashion because I believe it’s as if an artist combined his/her own talent with the beauty and personality of whomever wears it, making it much more powerful as a whole. Initially, I did a couple of dresses for my high school final year, went on to doing an Art and Design foundation in the Arts School of Bournemouth, then I moved to Florence, Italy, where I graduated from my BA Fashion Designing course.

*DEAD impressed…*
Describe your work in 5 words:
Delicate, couture-like, ultra-feminine, intricate, luxurious.

Which I aaaabsolutely agree with!!

What inspires the creativity of the garments?( as a whole):
I like to have the contrast between very small and detailed embroidery and crazy amounts of volume, preferably organza, a fabric I am seriously obsessed with!

In my last collection I was inspired by floral and shell-like shapes, which lead to some very interesting sketches, and then were interpreted with meters and meters of organza.

If I can recall, just the frills of the skirt for one of the dresses took up a total of 24 meters of organza.

*opens mouth in amazement*

The bust for your dress is amazing, how long did it take to make?:

The embroidery was done with three layers of golden and silver metal sequins, biggest to smallest, and one last bead to hold them all together. I think it took me about a three weeks to embroider all of it!


Do you plan to do a collection? What do you envision it to be like or who for (type of woman wearing it)?:

I plan to go to Brazil within the next couple of months and develop a 12 look collection. I think I would envision it for someone like Camilla Belle or Florence Welch, something very delicate and very intricately detailed.

What is your favourite garment/s you have designed so far?:

Whilst working for Georgia Hardinge, I co-designed one of her dresses for her Spring/Summer 2011 collection. It took me about 6 weeks to do that dress but I never thought I could do something so detailed and patience challenging like that dress!

What/who are your favourite designers/brands in the fashion industry?:

My all-time favourite designer has to be Elie Saab.

Vera Wang, Alexander McQueen, Basil Soda, Givenchy and brazilian fashion designer Isabela Capeto are also other amazing designers that very much inspire me.

*hums in agreement*

Has anyone famous worn, modelled or photographed your pieces?:

Well of Course Ernest Simmons and my friend and photographer Fernando Biagioni took the photos for my graduate bridal collection. Ferando is an up and coming amazingly talented photographer and a pleasure to work with as well.

Regarding anyone famous wearing any of my garments… well, not yet! * I Agree, so watch out LFW!) I guess mostly because I didn’t design them for anyone initially. When I did my bridal collection for my graduate year, I just really wanted to play with the ideas and the fabric and the structures, so they were ideally just going to be pieces of art in my head! They didn’t really have an identity, which I think is what they should have, to match with the perfect woman to wear it.

Isabella hasn’t worked with any magazines, t.v. programmes yet.. but I have huuuuge hopes for this lady!!

Are there any famous photographers who you would like to work with?:

I’m not familiar with a lot of fashion photographers’ work, but I am a big fan of Mario Testino and his amazing photography!

What famous model/supermodel would you like to wear your pieces?:

I would love to work with Gisele Bundchen or Jessica Stam one day.

What elements/characteristics do you think a good designer must have?:

A good designer MUST have inner strength, a head in the right place, brave enough to challenge themselves in what they do every day, and, in my opinion, be a little bit crazy as well 😉 Oh, and good friends to stick with you through anything and everything!


What would be your advice to aspiring designers?:

I think it’s all about how you show yourself to the world and how strong you convey yourself as a designer. So when designing, always follow your instincts, then take a moment for second opinions. And with all the rest, don’t let anyone ever bring you down 😉

‘bella was an absolute pleasure to work with.. she has all the characteristics of a designer you would LOVE to collaborate with!

I hope to work with her again in the near future..

here are my photos from the shoot


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