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Day 1

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So as some of you may know, I was asked by the gorgeous Joy Ejaria and Yolande Letshou to cover their amazing London Fashion Week Event ‘A La Mode’ (LGN Events).

I anxiously waited in my ‘buyer/press’ reserved seat *dies* and it was such a nice rush to be filled in the room with so many different creatives from all over the world… And byyyy golly my eyes were scanning outfits like Joan Rivers on pro plus *LMAO*.

The soothing jazz music was humming in the background.. and then the lights dimmed..

Annah Stretton

What i first noticed and loved about Annah Strettons designs was her bold use of colour.

There was a nice blend of spring colours with a ‘Winter warmth’. She Incorporated a lot of patterns and texture into her pieces which was complimented with the play of layering and goooorgeous corsage’s. This collection was definitely ‘Ready To Wear’ and in my opinion, would suit the more mature lady who appreciates the small, intricate and antique things in life. I really loved the youthful use of ankle socks which was paired with heels.

I loved how the Make-up and hair tied in closely with the clothes. The Make-up was very natural/minimal with a bit of colour on the cheeks. Then the hair had more of a relaxed body and movement with the use of loose curls.

Berit New York

On the other hand, Berit NY was very different. The clothes were very structured and had a gothic ‘old english heritage’ theme to it. There was a strong fluidity of wine and camel colours and ‘lace-up’ detailing, as well as the textures of velvet and leather. There was an unexpected injection of floral detailing to the pieces..

.. as well as sheer layering. Most of the pieces are obviously not ‘ready to wear’ and seemed more ‘show room’ suitable (no offence.. I could definitely se some of the male pieces in the natural history museum LOL).

I definitely feel that the make up was suitable for the collection.. it was dark and mystical. But on the other hand I felt there could have been a stronger theme to the hair. I envision more unusual shapes or structure to the hair.



The music definitely set a middle eastern mood… and the models took the runway in a playful ‘little black dress’ complimented by a statement clutch and scarf. The rich colours were such a strong injection of warmth and Saudi Arabian culture to the classic look of the modern woman. There wasn’t much of a variation in the materials used, but i liked the flowing chiffon material used in the scarves which had a small trim of feathers. I didn’t feel the hairstyle choice suited the garments very well.. something more classic would have been perfect, but on the other hand I did like the ‘in season’ statement pout used on the models. Rajadano’s pieces were effortlessly ‘ready to wear’ accessories and i believe would suit the more mature modern lady.



Rumple Munkeh

With a name like Rumple Munkeh.. I had no idea what to expect. But seeing the collection, much to my surprise the clothes were not funky and unusual, but youthful and had an eveningwear kick to it. The collection was definitely ready to wear with a strong ‘peacock feather’ theme flowing through it. I absolutely loved the small detailing on the pieces, and loved the use of pairing such strong greens and purples with metallics, chain materials such as leather. The collection was figure enhancing.. and It reminded me of the sexy ‘gothic/punk glamour’ trend that was.. ohhh sooo haaaawt in aw 2010. Make up again was strong on the eyes, which went well with the gothic glamour trend i picked out. l also really liked the hair choice of loose flowing curls. Again it gave a youthful, grunge glamour feel. THUMBS UP!




Majinjoo was definitely the brand which had the more ‘traditional’ Autumn/Winter collection. I was in LOVE with the use of chunky knits and the colour injection of green and (not so keen) gold glitter.

I especially loved the use of stripes which reminded me of Prada’s Spring Summer 2011 collection..

..which was glamourously striped OUT!

I really love how the music complimented the collection…. just think of a calm wind and autumn leaves falling.. it was lovely. `There was a gorgeous use of structure in the shoulders of the garments, and I had my eye on a black knee-length skirt which had sequin detailing all over it….. it waaassss to DIIIE for *screams*.

There was a strong fluidity of maxi dresses, skirts aswell as knee-length skirts in this collection. It was effortlessly ready to wear.. and looked amazingly comfortable. There use of ankle socks in this collection but in khaki and wine colours (key colours from aw ’10). There wasn’t much attention put to hair and make-up, it looked very minimalist which is perfect for such bold knits and stripes.

Overall i would say this collection is versatile.. both young and mature could wear it without looking like mutton dressed as lamb, or someone dressed in their mothers clothes. *crowd of women cheer*




Rehmali’s collection was one of my favourite. There was a definite strong 70’s theme flowing through the collection with gorgeous palazzo pant jumpsuits and flowing maxi dresses. there wasn’t much fluidity in the collection as there could have been, there was a mixture of muted pastel colours (ss 2011) aswell as dark metallics and bold colours( tribal glamour).

I did in particular love the high-waisted trouser suit with the gorgeous structured shoulders..

..and how it was paired with the weekend bag.. It just SCREAMED chic working girl.

The hair again was simplistic and Make-up was strong on the eyes. I do think the eyes tied in well with some the metallic pieces



Christina Nitopi

I must admit, Christina Nitopi’s collection was not my favourite. I did like the strong fluidity of asymmetry and the use of colour on print layering, there was definitely a ‘battle of textures’ in this collection. Big buttons were used on all of the garments as well as chains.. which was quite interesting. I did also like the deep purple statement pout used on the models..

…which has been a strong ongoing trend, especially from aw 2010.


The light then went up and the show was over..

.. and here is a picture of me and Yolande Letshou at the end of the show.

hope you enjoyed! ready day 2!! xxxo

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