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So WHO ever said

dreams don’t come true?

Just like any other girl, i dream of the opportunity to have my face ( body, legs, arm etc)  in a magazine… better yet.. ONE of my FAV’ magazines!!

Last year I applied to the company magazine casting call with River Island.. and unfortunately nothing came of it *sigh*.

I felt like it would be the same, but with much encouragement from my sister, I applied again…

So low and behold… I then receive an email on my blackberry from THEE Company Magazine Editor to say I had been shortlisted. I must admit.. i lost all shame. I began to do my Chandler Bing (from friends) dance on the train and once i had come back down to earth, I realised that half of my carriage was looking at me *blush and hangs my head in embarrassment*

This was an opportunity of a Lifetime to me.. This felt like something beyond my wildest dreams!!

I corresponded with one of the members of the Beauty Team, and felt like absolute royalty to have company organise a cab to come and pick me up.. I swear.. I sat in the cab with my mouth open for half the journey.. LOOOOL!!

When i got there I met a whole seated group of GOOOORGEOUS stylish ladies. I had to fight my hand from popping out my camera phone and snapping everyone for my ‘style stalking‘ page.

We all spoke amongst us, Some of the girls had NEVER been to England before. I mean Company was making the wildest dreams come to life *wipes my eye, but then swears that something flew into it*

We all crammed into the luxury lifts and tumbled into the office.. All eyes were beaming on us in the company office!! but the team seemed so friendly and waved at us over the tops of their comps.. *grin*

This is when I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria (company editor) face to face. And to confirm she is JUST as gorgeous as she is in the mag… talk about glowing skin!

We then met the fashion team Oonagh, Emma, Laura and Abi who took us around the office.. into the dreamy ‘company wardrobe’ where I got to look through every item of clothing I could ever DREEEAM of having in my room. This was then followed by Abi taking snap shots of us!

After getting to know each other a bit more, we headed of to a GOOORGEOUS (this is a guess O_o ) Moroccan restaurant to have lunch with the company team and meet the gorgeous river island P.R  representative Arieta Mujay!!!

WE were offered drinks, manicure’s and make up!! by that time… I serious lt wanted to cry LOL!! I mean this was such an amazing experience!

This is a snap of some of the GOOORGEOUS ladies i sat at the table with eating…

stylish? yea i know right!!!

We all got snapped together in front of the company banners… and yes.. i wanted to know to! The lady wearing the goooorgeous  turquoise wedges is Arieta.. and of COURSE she is rocking River island.

Green ankle strap wedges – River Island – £64.99

AS IF that wasn’t enough.. we were then given goody bags from company Mag aswell as Bourjois.. *Dies 3 times*

and then told we had gift vouchers to spend in River Island!!! *make that Dies 4 times!!*

There WE all had fun shopping for gorgeous items from River Island (an absolute dream). Not everyone was as enthusiastic.. But i felt like i had Died and gone to heaven.

Whats next?

well.. 6 of the 12 girls will be picked to do a photoshoot in company magazine.. and 1 of them will grace the cover.. *screams!!*

That i am still waiting to find out! *wink*

But IT definitely goes down in my books of ‘best days of my life’!!

stay tuned.. and maybe there will be some good news.. just maybe *smiles*


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  1. March 24, 2011 / 4:00 am

    Awesome, I came here through google and this is exactly what i was searching for. When i find time i’ll definitely read a few more updates on this site. Do you have RSS feeds by the way? I like to add valuable sites to my feed reader so i can’t miss out on a single update… I searched for an RSS icon but cannot find it…

    • March 27, 2011 / 10:51 am

      my RSS link is at the footer of my blog!! thankyou xxxo

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