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Gloria Wavamunno

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Photography by Ernest Simons & Edited by Erica Matthews

The Crowds were wowed by her Autumn/Winter ’11 collection at London fashion week. She has worked with magazines such as Arise, cosmopolitan flair and pride. Her collection drew me in with its contemporary/alternative twist and cultural story prints.

Like i said, I would NEVER leave you guys out!…

I have the absolute pleasure of introducing Designer Gloria Wavamunnu!! Get to know how her journey began…what inspires her.. and aspiring designers get some advice.

Hope you enjoy!!

Name: Gloria Wavamunno

Job Title: Creative Director/Artist

Label Name: GloRia WavaMunno

Website: (see her work) http://www.hautefashionafrica.com/designers/gloria-wavamunno/

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Fashion educational background:
I Went to AIU, The American Intercontinental University in London. I then graduated with a BA in Fine Arts, Studying, fashion and fashion Marketing. After I worked for bespoke menswear designer Ozwald Boateng. Then… I started my brand.

*wow… Ozwald Boateng!! SCREAMS!!*
I love your brand, please describe it in 5 words:

Cultured, innovative, organic, experimental and light

Who would you say your client is?:

My client is the Individual woman who is just that Individual. Dresses for herself, her body, her mind.

*RIGHT about now I am DYYYYING to do the Beyoncé single ladies dance!!*
What inspires the creativity of the label as a whole?:

The label is inspired by everything that affects me, as human being, from emotions to colours to textures. It’s all what I experience.

*I grin*

What was the inspiration and/or theme behind your A/W 2011 collection?:

This collection was inspired by dreams but dreams that are reality that are real, from my understandable yet un-understandable love of Africa to my love of being in love with the unknown that can become known.

(This girl is not only beautiful.. but smart)

Gloria had so many wonderful pieces… what i loved about this outfit is the gorgeous ‘Bralette’ which we are seeing often on celebrities such as Rihanna.. and what seems to be a HUUUUGE influence to Leona Lewis‘ new designs.

What is your favourite garment/s you have designed so far?:

I can say that I am most in love and more comfortable with this recent collection, I feel it was the best example of what I’m trying to make and the beginning point of really having the freedom and confidence to go in a direction for the future evolving and experimenting with my creations.

*nods from huge inspiration and admiration…*
What or who are your favourite designers/brands in the fashion industry?:

I really admire Karl Largerfield and Alexander Mcqueen’s work. I respect their fearless natures with their work, it is admirable to push yourself and the views around you so that you do grace people with unexplainable beauty. Oswald Boateng is also one of those characters.

*I nod in agreement*
Are there any famous photographers who you would Like to work with?:

Firstly, I work with an amazing Ugandan based photographer now, Martin Kharumwa, who I have done all my previous shoots with, so I have been very fortunate to work with a creative mind as himself that understands what I’m trying to express.

I would be honoured to work with Nick Knight, he pushes the boundaries with his creative licence within fashion photography.. it’s artistic.

Who are the biggest celebrities you have worked with?:

I have been fortunate to have had Top Model Oluchi wear one of my pieces on an issue of ARISE Magazine. But I have yet to dress anyone else, who knows in the future, although Rihanna or Zoe Kravitz would be fun to dress.

(I completely agree… great choices)

What famous model/supermodel would you like to work with?:

I would actually like to work with Agyness deyn, I adore her ability to switch up her image.

(I completely agree.. she is so versatile *nod in agreement*)

What magazines, tv programmes or media etc. have you worked with so far?:

I have been fortunate to have received some positive media in Uganda in its local Media, from African Woman Magazine to Flair Magazine, then to Nigerian Magazine ARISE. Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa, New African Woman and Pride Magazine UK. Also Interviews on Studio 53, Mnet South Africa. WBS Uganda.


(wow.. that is such a mouthful… that’s AMAZING!!)

Where do you see or hope to see the designer label in 5 years?:

My aspirations are to really keep developing and evolving as a designer, evolving with the African fabrics that are propionate in my clothing. Experimenting with textures and materials and meshing with African fabrics. Then, hopefully seeing different individuals all over the world, embracing my pieces.

What elements/characteristics do you think a good designer must have?:

I think first as a human being to be good at your passion, you must be open, and true to who you are or what you are trying to be as a person. Because I think that floods and flows into your work, you can’t help it, because I believe my work is a representation of what I am and what I am trying to be, it comes from a part of me, so I have to understand that, or I have to understand there are parts of me I don’t understand and then discover and channel them.

And last but not least… What would be your advice to aspiring designers?:

It may sound cliché, but believe in yourself. Believe in your work, try to understand yourself and your work and go from there. Be open to learning and discovering.

I have to honestly take my hat of to Joy Ejaria and Yolande Letshou who are members of LGN events, for putting on such an amazing show ‘A La Mode’ for London Fashion Week. But not only that, but requesting me to interview Gloria Wavamunno for my blog… It been an absolute pleasure girlies!!!!


Hope you guys enjoyed xxxo

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