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Photography by Adorn Girl

As you all know, I am a budding stylist. Last week during London Fashion Week, I was given the privilege to live out a dream and assist Arieta for the amaaazing designer Bunmi Koko for a fashion show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. *screams*

This was absolutely surreal! …and you guys know I never leave you out.. so enjoy exclusive behind the scenes info!

What inspired The Autumn Winter 2011 Collection?

Listening to Bunmi.. It seemed that the Modern Woman was a huge influence to her collection. She used words such as ‘Scientific Glamour’, Kaleidoscope and sci-fi/Science Fiction.

In my opinion this was translated very well into her garments through the use of angular shoulders, and angular yet flattering silhouettes.

As the head stylist assistant, it was my job to help dress the models as well as note down exactly what they were wearing. I then had to take a snapshot and if needed, note down any amendments that needed to be done to the garment when it was put on.

Please do not judge my atrocious handwriting… Imagine having to write, whilst not leaning on anything when holding pins, tape, a digital camera, a phone and then a pen in your hands… #wonderwoman *attempts to flex muscles*

So after the gorgeous Long-Legged models were fitted in their outfits it was time for them to go into Hair and Make-up…

It was such a brilliant experience for me to see up close how Hair technicians Toni & Guy worked, as well representative Make Up Artists from ‘Academy Of Freelance Make-Up’. So effortless…

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So when all the Models were Doll’ed up, It was then time to get them dressed! *yaay*

After the models were dressed.. Showtime was drawing near *eeeek*

After Rehearsal it was then time for the models to have their pictures taken and interviews done… They looked absolutely GORGEOUS!! And I Honestly couldn’t wait for the show to start!

Alas… it was showtime

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Press photos by Adorn Girl

Press photos by Flyer Newspaper

We anxiously watched on the monitor… *dead silence*

and after a quick wrestling match with skinny fit trousers and pins… it was over!!!

The whole room literally roared with excitement! We cheered and hugged each other.. it kind of reminded me of new years eve LOL!! So many exchanged sighs of relief and laughs of joy!! *wipes eye but swears something had just flown into it*

Bunmi entered and we all… seriously… went crazy!! *shouting and jumping women*

She was getting congratulated from every direction!! The show was very much a success! and the garments were phenomenal!

Several Celebs, magazines etc. were present at the show you can see above Keisha Buchanan, Lisa mafia… and correct me if i am wrong.. Editor of Fab Magazine!

Check the website.. Bunmi is also photographed above with the Wesbsite Feature Model! she is absolutely Stunning! *JEALOUS*

And here is a snap of me and the GOOORGEOUS Keisha Buchanan!!

I would go through this experience over and over again!

I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity it literally has CHANGED my life. Arieta is such a inspirational person to me as you all know. I endeavour to work hard and follow her footsteps into becoming an amaaazing stylist *grin*

just wondering.. Would saying i have such a passion for fashion be cheesy right about now?… hmmn yea.. I thought so LOL!!!!

Where to get shoes like the models!!!!

This is not for the weak hearted…

Want to know more about Bunmi Koko?

Bunmi Koko is a luxury fashion and art label that specialises in couture womenswear and ready to wear fashion, whilst having a sister side to the company in artistic illustration services. This mix of art and fashion is key to the brands philosophy and all products and services aim to have the company slogan ingrained in them, which is ‘Luxuria, Art, Elegans’ (luxury, art, elegance).

Bunmi Koko was founded in March 2009. The name Bunmi Koko was inspired by the designer’s first name ‘Bunmi’ (meaning ‘God gave me’ in Yoruba) and the affectionate nickname given by her partner, Francis Udom; “Koko”(meaning ‘my other half’ in Efik), another Nigerian dialect. Hence, Bunmi Koko meaning “God gave me my other half”.

Clear blue skies, sunrays and the warm gentle breeze of the Aberdeen shores in Scotland, a rare occasion; inspired the concept for the BK corporate identity. This was translated in the company colours by using warm earthy tones in sandy beige, dark chocolate and bronze.

The company currently specialise in a range of luxury ready to wear collections and couture garments for bridal wear and evening wear. The clothes are sculptural, original and cut to both flatter and enhance the female form. Each piece is handmade with impeccable detailing to suit the client’s needs.

Bunmi Koko is a luxury lifestyle brand with a growing portfolio of products ranging from Fashion (Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Lingerie, Accessories, Eyewear, Swimwear and Footwear) and Beauty. The product & services portfolio also expands into Illustration (Fashion, Multi-Media, Bespoke, Gift Cards, Books and Exhibition), which stems from the creative director’s artistic background. Illustrations can be used on large variety of mediums such as book covers, cd covers, movie posters, editorials, advertising, merchandise and special commissions.

Furthermore, Bunmi Koko has setup fully operational business subsidiaries in South America, London and South Africa. Bunmi Koko has garnered much media and press attention with features in international media as well nationally such as: Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Washington Post, Vogue.Com, Drapers and The Evening Standard.

Bunmi Koko can now add some accolades to its achievements for becoming a Finalist at the 2010 Grampian Awards for the Emerging Entrepreneur of Year in Aberdeen, Scotland as well as winning the African Fashion Award for the ‘Emerging International Designer of The Year – 2010’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. To top these accolades, Bunmi Olaye and Francis Udom, were honoured to receive a personal invitation and blessings from The Great Nelson Mandela.

(company profile and more photos found on website www.bunmikoko.com)

hope you enjoyed… stay tuned xxxo

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