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Animal Prints

Ladies.. aim to look purrrrrfect this Spring Summer 2011 with some of these GOOORGEOUS animal prints from our good old high street stores.

If you DARE to bring out that animalistic side of you, then always be sure to wear the perfect style print for your shape…

If your bottom heavy, try animal prints on the top half mostly or a dark print if you want to wear it on the bottom. Better yet, why not try a gorgeous maxi dress??

If your top-heavy, wearing animal print bottoms with a darker top would look STUNNING on your figure!

Are you an hourglass shape? Haven’t got much of a shape?  LUCKILY it going to be less difficult to dress in print.. hourglass can wear just about anything!! if you haven’t got much of a shape.. create a gorgeous figure with more A-line  pieces aswell as pieces that will synch in your waist… waist belts are also purrrrfect!!

Enjoy xxxo

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