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Toni & Guy Photoshoot & Catwalk Presentation

with Art Director Maria Galati!!

So!! as some of you may know!! I was asked by Maria Galati to style for her HUGE photoshoot and Catwalk presentation! I was asked to  style 22 models 4 of them being male and the rest being female *DIES*

Maria is the most loveliest woman to work with… and meeting her and going through the concepts bit by bit was easy as PIE!!

I always find it easy creating a moodboard for clients when I am given a concept, just so I know that me and the clients visions are interlocked..

Above is the moodboards which I was using to create the 22 looks.

What did you wear.. gosh my mind reeled about what the HELL I was going to wear. But  realistically I knew something comfortable but still on trend would be best. Me and my sister (assistant) seemed to have subconsciously gone for the turban look.. with a denim and chiffon theme.. (great minds, think alike).

LOL.. asss IF we could wait to take a look around in the building and in the studio *pffffff*

After a nice coffee and some Jaffa cakes.. thanks maria! *grin*.. me and my sister  took a look at the model line up once again and began to unpack and hang all the clothes, shoes…….

and Accessories *YAY* and there was a hellllllll of a lot of it!!

It was nice at that point to have Maria and her Assistant come up and have a look at the stuff. The moment i showed her and her face let me know she loved it.. a gush of relief literally FLOODED ME!! I would never upload the picture taken of me grinning… you guys would NEVER come back on my blog again!! LOLL!!

Then… after some Hair prep in the hair studio Models came up to get their make-up done and finally to be dressed!!

On set the models went *team cheers*.. the models were coming in thick and fast.. and there was so much going on.. but they looked FAB!! unfortunately my batt decided to pack up.. so  this was all I got of behind the scenes.. *sigh*

But at this point, I was swept of my feet… The Models were in and out of the studio going to the rehearsal… *dances*

Before I knew it… it was showtime.. and if I could have died.. I honestly would have! but I WOULDN’T DARE miss a thing!! Me and my sister huddled on the first row.. FAR away from the stage.. *wipes sweat away*. Just picture this… me attempting to hold my cup of water casually in my shaky hand while the sides were giving me away by were steaming up.. *covers face*

To make it worse.. the energetic room was filled to the brim with Directors.. and god knows…

The music pumped.. the models strutted.. and the crowd clapped.. #THANKGODNOBODYFELL

Maria gave a talk about the looks and let the models exit.. but I must admit *covers face* I’m so happy im dark-skinned. I’m sure I would have made a fresh tomato look dull when she said my name and thanked me *I was shaking like I suffered from epilepsy at that point*..

Overall, IT WAS AMAZING! and I would love for a chance to work with Toni & Guy again! I got SOOO MUCH MORE up my sleeves I tell ya!!

So I want you guys just to stay tuned till you seen the final images which I shall post up.. and do not forget t keep an eye on my Portfolio

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  1. jen
    June 15, 2011 / 7:40 pm

    WOW! That was big task you was give and you pulled it off – from what I can see each look marries and compliments one another.



  2. June 16, 2011 / 10:11 am

    This is seriously cool, hun! Well done! Looks like you really pulled it off!
    Like how you’ve creatively put together the imagery on this post, also. x

  3. Yvonne
    June 25, 2011 / 9:24 pm

    Nice arrangement of colours and accessories.

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