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Make Your Eye Color POP!

Image from Mary Kay eyeshadow collection 2011

“It is believed that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

With that said, eye makeup is a very important accessory. “

Eye colors can be flirty, fun, or business minded. Whatever look you desire, there are specific colors that can bring out the very best in your natural eye color.

Your natural eye color is a great factor that should be considered when choosing eye makeup shades.  Regardless of your eye color, it is important to start with the lightest shade and work your way down with the darkest.

The lightest shade should be applied to your brow bone,

the mid tone in the crease,

and the darkest shade should be applied towards your lash line.

Brow bone and crease shades can be natural but colors used on your lower eyelid are most important.

Here are some lower eyelid color suggestions from celebrity makeup artists:

Brown eyes stand out with purple, blue, and gray tones. To add drama to your look, a navy eyeliner would make your beautiful browns stand out.
Blue eyes look great with warm brown and bronze shades. The orange undertones of these shades bring out the sparkle in your eyes. A bronze eyeliner is a perfect accessory.
Green Eyes radiate with purple and taupe shades. An amethyst eyeliner gives you extra allure.   
Hazel eyes pop with dark green and lavender shades. Shades with slight yellow undertones are best for bringing out the best in your eye color.
Start with these shades and explore with more colors for your own custom look.

By: (Independent Beauty Consultant) Alison Ryce

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