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Now, this style stalking post is different to ones i have  done before. not only did she catch my eye with those GORGEOUS high wast vintage style shorts, shirt and biker jacket BUT HER HAIR was so bang on trend.

I don’t know whether you have noticed this by now… but multi colour hair is HOT right now..

So why not pop down to the hairdressers.. or… pop down to your closest beauty superstore and buy

…good old crazy colour hair dye which you can find in any colour under the rainbow, which you can also find on my post on how to get nicki minaj’s look that she rocked out at the AMA awards!!

If you’re not so confident in dying your hair why not chose weave as an alternative.. i did!! get them clipped in, sewn in or glued in (seek professional help for glue)!!

“You Got PAP’ED”

SCORE 10/10

Ladies.. and brave fellaz!! get WHIPPIN!!

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