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YAY!! so everyone has had Rihanna on their lips this week… well i wish… LOL!!

Rihanna Hinted to fans on Twitter last week Wednesday that she was doing something with Armani which had us literally hanging on the edge…  Low and behold the next day she sent another tweet which obviously indicated she was doing a long Shoot with them (from my P.O.V.)… the news then came out and of COURSE the WHOLE world was talking about how Rihanna is replacing the jaw-dropping feline Megan Fox as face for Armani underwear.

Sources ALSO say Rihanna will be modelling for Armani AW11 Jeans!! *squeals*

Now I don’t know about you!!! but i am SOOOO excited! I love a good campaign shoot!

Rihanna is ALWAYS looking her best #MyGirlCrush.. her legs are HOT.. well in fact.. it’s can be quite depressing..*starts doing lunges & squats erratically* LOL!!

But I am more than sure that Rihanna will cause a few road accidents when these ads come out.. *covers face*.. it will be like Djimon Hounsou‘s ad for Calvin Klein again! now that.. nearly killed me twice. Make it three times if we include te first time i saw it and my heart missing a few beats… #yumyum

But on the other hand, whereas to me this seems like great news.. it may not to some.. Will you miss seeing Megan fox? should Armani have picked someone else?

MAKE SURE YOU VOTE BELOW!! and see what everyone else thinks!!

stay tuned.. cz once these pics are out.. I will DEFINITELY be posting those up!!

Erica xxxo


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