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So as some of you know.. I am a DIE HARD fan of Beyoncé!!.. So when i wake this morning and see that BB is finally working, I also see that status’ about Beyoncé are updating like HELL!!! How can this EVER be true?.. we all witnessed her at the VMA awards and even some of us here in London, UK got to see her at the GRAND OPENING of her gorgeous label Dereon in Selfridges sporting that bump.. not to mention the bikini shot we have all seen…

Like inspector Morse.. I must investigate.. and this is what evidence I found..

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So now.. I sit here with tears filling thine eyes… waiting for an explanation of some sort on how this can be.. #betrayal?

The bikini image is tooo life-like.. why would she get a prosthetic that is life-like??

but why is there also a need to exaggerate how pregnant she is?

*rests on chaise lounge*

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