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As some of you know I as given the AMAZING opportunity to Cover (in my opinion) One of the biggest events to take place every year!!

in 2010 I attended BNTM Live at excell and it changed my life for good! I met Stylists such as Gemma Cartwright, Gemma Cairney, Sara Darling and many many more..

I was able to go to their stylist Seminars and pick up some AMAAAZING tips and inspiration!!

From then.. with further inspiration from My Mentor Arieta Mujay… I decided to make my blog.. and the rest is history…



I decided to take my sister Kara Graham who is a MUA and My fellow Stylist friend Shani Thomas Along with me!!

Statement Piece: Primark ankle boot wedges £20.00 (Androgyny style)


The Kiss Catwalk 

So When we finally got our press passes… the first stop was to the Kiss catwalk stage where we were able to see Charlie and Grace Get interviewed.

Now I have to be frankly honest… at this moment I fell out of love with Grace Woodward. You guys knooow how much I adore her.. She is in my eyes VERY inspirational!! especially from her interview in Cosmopolitan Magazine where she encouraged people to work hard.

On the Catwalk.. when Grace was presented with the obvious Question.. ‘How do I get into Styling?’.. her reply was “dont….” *cue sound of crickets…*

……I mean.. COME ONNN!! that statement was as supportive to a girls dream as Dot Cottons breasts without a BRAAAAA!!!!! My face dropped..

—> my face —->  -_______-

We managed to revisit the catwalk again as Charlie speed and Grace were back to answer more questions.. and there was Grace again.. “don’t… its hard work..”.. Now I will be honest, I have learned myself.. It IS hard work.. it’s not so glam with just dressing Models etc. It takes stamina, attention to detail, AMAZING communication skills and the ability to improvise! But I know that I would NEVER discourage anyone from their dream.. If you want something.. GO AND GET IT!!

I was more upset because My first time Going to BNTM live was the year i decided to definitely be a stylist…. If i missed that year and decided to go BINTMLive 11 this time… and heard grace say that.. Would I be in the position I am in now?… would I Pursue Styling

Hard Work Pays of… Whats meant to be yours.. Is yours.. So I will Encourage EVERY Budding Fashion Stylist Like myself to WORK hard.. and stick at it!!!

Then came the live show!!… On first was Bluey Robinson! I met Him in Club Yo Yo’s.. and he is ABSOLUTELY LUUUSH!!!





Then closing the show was the illuminates…  

Overall.. The show was SUPER HOT!.. but seemed to finish a lot quicker!

The format of the stage made it very hard to catch some amazing shots of all the models as some of the poses & routines was not aimed at the ‘press pit’.


So after the Show.. came the shooooopssssss!! *crowd of women scream*

The shops were amaaaazing!! Hair, Beauty, Pampering, Freebies and best of all.. clothes..!!

A fashion even isn’t complete with a LIL’ BIT of STYLE STALKING!!!!

Some gooorgeous AW/11 outfits.. My favorite Style Stalking pick was the A-Line Leather Skirt from H&M for £14.99… I LOVVVVEEE it!!



I spotted some really interesting people.. Shivatas CEO, TOWIE Star, Treasured Tresses Bloggers, KissFM DJ Clara, Music Girl Band ‘The Scarletz’ whos fashion style was absolutely AMAZING!! and many more  Including the gooorgeous Dudley who me and the team from ‘boys by girls’ got to work with.. He is the Lush Lad in the controversial Music video ‘we found love’ Video by Rihanna.

…Grace was wearing these goooorgeous Alexander McQueen Heels!!

We then got a chance to get ‘Up-close & Personal’ with Grace Woodward & Charlie Speed at the ‘Style Icon Workshop’…


My favourite part would probably be the shops..

The show was amazing.. showcasing some great designers.. I would have loved if the show was longer and more designers… less dancing,… loool!

But I missed being able to meet stylists again this year and get tips.. I also felt a bit disappointed with the information Grace was giving out and Discouraging people about pursuing a career of styling.. Sometimes If you got nothing nice to say… Don’t say it at all..

This year I would definitely love to see a Learning workshop space for models and separately a workshop space for Fashion stylists who are up & coming!!

Jade Definitely Deserved to win!… she looked amaaazing!! and is doing so well!! I recently saw her Modelling for Henry Hollands SS/12 Collection!!

Hope you enjoyed.. xxxo

A bit of fun as we left BINTM Live!!

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