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‘Ring My Bella’ Crescent Row Eau de Toilette, 30ml – £29.50

So fiiinally.. after a few months I am finally ready to give my FULL review on a Goooorgeous Perfume from one of my favourite cosmetics brands ..Benefit! I am a huge fan of Benefits Perfumes.. in particular Carmela.. They gave me an AMAZING opportunity to do a review on their Newest addition to their fragrances (which was launched a few months ago exclusively to Boots but now you can get it at any Benefit Retailer)!!

Realistically guys… I will never choose to do a review on a Perfume like this again.. very very time consuming *sigh*.. But! I was so inspired that my Benefit Perfumes always lasted me longer than any other perfume I have used, so I thought I would do the review WHEN my sexy bottle finished. When I have previously walked out with Benefits Carmela perfume on.. I would always get at least ONE person stops me asking where I got my perfume from.. NO exaggeration… My Idea was to use the fragrance in Many of the everyday situations that us girls get into.. with that, I was to record the effects and opinions that people gave.. just so you know HOW GOOD IT REALLY IS!..

My first impression:

So when I first got the perfume.. The packaging like the others from the collection is definitely candy for the eyes… *whispers* definitely a gift you should consider this Xmas!! The smell is sweetly seductive with a citrus kick.. which proves to get your senses caught in a ‘juicy fling’ .. it’s surprisingly fresh and light aroma brings warmth and clarity opposed to some of the real heavy over-priced perfumes out there…

Hanging with Girls/ The night out:

So, like when shopping.. most of us always turn and ask “what do you think”.. the opinion of your friends is a MUST! Perfume choices do tend to be an individual selection.. but let’s face it.. your friends WILL tell you if you smell like “a baby prostitute” (#MeanGirlsQuotesILove) or if that perfume is ..let’s just say.. putrid *holds nose*. I’ll admit.. I did smile when two of my friends asked “mmn.. what are you wearing” when we done our exaggerated run.. scream.. then hug routines! I didn’t even have to boast or try to awkwardly fit conversation in about the new perfume! * fist pump* it was described with words like; fresh, fruity and reminders of holiday.. Which I totally agree on.. Later I was regretting that I didn’t tell them it was new shower gel.. because when we decided to go out that evening.. everyone was leaving their perfumes and sprays in the bottom of their clutches and asking to have a “quick ring (spritz) of Bella” LOL!

At work:

So this proved to be much more difficult being someone who (at that time) is not in an Office, shop etc. Full Time. So I used my photo shoot day to my advantage.. I know I could be a lot more cheekier with my MUA friend Chanel Boateng and ask her straight up what she thought. It was a hit with her.. fresh and light.. but she did say she is not the HUGEST fan on sweet smells.. and too much was too much when I myself and the whole team were testing it out on ourselves LOL!!… poor photographer…

The date:

Gawsh.. anyone who knows me.. knows I’m not too much of a fan of dates.. For many reasons including the feeling that I’m going to have that Bridget Jones/ Miranda moment where I trip.. slap someone in the face.. something flies into my eye and then my skirt gets caught on something which exposes my knickers.. (nothing like that has happened.. yet..) *covers face*… But for the love of ‘Ring my Bella’ and all you women out there.. It was for you LOL! Someone’s fragrance is always something that greets you when getting into the car.. Sooo I was more than happy when I heard.. yes.. I HEARD (not imagining things I tell ya).. him take in a deep breath and then saw him smirk.. so I took that as a good sign right?.. he didn’t open the window or start sneezing LOL! So I went in for the kill.. the hug.. and there it was again.. the deep breath.. “mmn you smell nice..”. .. Oh I kid you not.. this could have been perfect advert.. me just taking the bottle out of my bag and meeting eyes with the camera doing that slow nod *LOOOL*

The gym:

So this is for those of us who are not gyming it out on the Wii Fit board but trudging of to the good old gym to work up a sweat!! I am one of those that makes that promise “from Monday, I will be going to gym at least 3 times a week” and then Tuesday I’m sitting on the sofa scoffing a Krispy Kreme Doughnut *LOL* So I thought let’s keep to the ‘promise’ and see how it lasts.. By this time.. I was getting use to the perfume but with a lift a kick and a very slow squat.. I got bursts of Bella.. and it was gorgeous. I weirdly felt at least If I look a mess.. I sure smell great LOL!!

Benefit are offering some AMAAAZING Gifting Ideas!! So why not get your hands on this Perfume one (for yourself or) for a woman in your life who would LOVE IT!! better yet.. you have an option of breaking up the set to give as lush stocking fillers!!!

Benefit – RRP £29.50… BARGAIN!!!

Available at any Benefit Counter!!!

“Laughter is the best cosmetic…so grin and wear it!” – Benefit

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  1. March 20, 2014 / 9:00 am

    “Laughter is the best cosmetic…so grin and wear it!” – Benefit

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