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Not only has this Music Artist won over Roberto Cavalli’s heart… but she has won over mine!!

I eagerly present Music Artist Jareth to you all!! Fun.. Unique and down to earth.. And one whom creates SKIN ENVY!! this girl is definitely one to watch!!

I was given a lovely cosey spot in Jareth’s intense studio schedule to get her to answer a few questions so you guys could ge to know her just a lil’ better.. Also a little bit of advice for those who are seeking to get into the industry…

Jareth has recently released her first single which is selling well called ‘Pathway’ (click on the image to buy).

She has worked with the likes of  Lioness, Daley, Bashy, Sway, Professor Green to name a few…

*squeeel* she has also then went on to now work with one of the most influential.. and #NOT just H&M’s… lol… but my favourite designers!! Her voice has been Mistaken for Award Winning artist Adele.. which i guess?… yea?.. it’s a good thing.. but nooooo my lovelies.. its JARETH’s soulful voice!!

1.     Name:
 Jareth (said “Gareth” but with a J..really you couldn’t make it up lol)
2.    Ethnic background:
Ugandan & Rwandan

3.    Label name:
 Flawless Music
4.    Job description:
 A human being: currently moonlighting as a Recording artist and Writer ..for  now 😉
5.    Describe yourself in 5 words:
  Lover, Muse, Regal, part-time “idiot“, scatterbrain
6.    What’s in That handbag?
Everything & nothing tbh…reckon I could live out of it 4 a week if I had too though lol. Providing I don’t loose it •_•
7.    What’s playing on you Ipod/mp3 now?
 Future cuts and part of my album. With a lil Martyna Baker and Daley.
8.    Describe your style in 5 words
 Organic,  practical, “mood ring”, fluid, Jareth 
9.  What fashion magazines do you like to read?

Don’t read as much as I used to..Never got in to fashion mags tbh. *I gassp* I am un-amused by celeb mags, if you ever catch me buying a mag it’s one of them obscure real life people magazines (you know the ones) lol ..You can judge me lol I judge myself for it to a little tbh lol
10.  What’s enjoyable/different about this job?
 It’s shown me that basically ‘the impossible’ is a fallacy! Which generally makes the idea of life a little less glass half empty..
11.  What was your biggest publication (if that makes sense, the biggest publicity you have received)?
 I ain’t even joking that seems to be changing on a daily basis tbh.. There are things in motion today that didn’t even exist a week a ago! A lot is happening so just watch this space !
12. Can you name a few well-known companies you have worked with/been featured in (i.e. Magz, TV channels etc.)?
 Roberto Cavalli, *i do jazz hands*  BBC online, BBC 1xtra, Mobo Awards, SBTV, got a few other surprise features, pity I can’t disclose any details just yet though 🙁


13.  What Artists you have collaborated with?
Lioness, Daley, Bashy,Clement Marfo, Bigz, Sway, Ty, Professor Green.. Off the top of my head (that’s seen less than 4 hours sleep I must add, so naturally my brain is running on reserve and I have no doubt left out loads, but it’s not even a par I promise lol) 

… I know there are moooore!!!!!
14.  What celeb would you love to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?
 Will I am

15.  Who are your Music icon/s?
 Amy, Ella, Billie, Jill, Erekyah, Bob, 2pac, Lauryn, India, Dynamite, .. < Really though when you’re a legend, it’s a first name basis lol, it’s the usual suspects.
16.  What was your first performance?.. what was it like?
 It was Zalon (Amy Winehouse‘s backing vocalist) that got me to perform at an open mic in old street. “Troy Bar” ..

…I recall an early Alexandra Burke being pleasantly present that night. I was nervous ‘n thought I was nothing special lol so I appreciated her approaching me afterwards to compliment me on my performance, that was sweet.

 *wipes tear*..nah..it’s..just the wind…
17.  Your first song ‘Pathway.. Why this song… what is it about?
 It made sense to me personally… I am an emerging artist an at the beginning stage of what will be, a very  open and honest dialogue between my art and its active participants. Pathway is what it is, the 1st slab laid down, for path that I’m embarking on with my team.
18. What is the best free-bee (if so..lol..) have you ever received, where did you get it? And who gave it (if you can say)?
 Best free be of all time, will always be … Your time. The public can very easily decided to over look a new act, this happens often, it’s fully casual in this industry. So to me anyone who gives me time ? I rate your life and that is all lol..
 *I blush*.. i love this girl!!! #thatisall

19.  So many hot guys in the industry.. who is your crush?.. Tiny Tempah… CLEARLY being mine.. LOL!
 Ahhhhhhhh lol if any at all?.. This is not how I would go about informing them.. Errm I am quite reluctant to entertain romantic endeavours with anyone industry.. That could get political really very easily.. So yeah Lawyers, Scientists and general people of math, Holla! Lol
20. For those interested in your career, how would you advise them to start their journey?
Start?… in all seriousness make a start! Thinking and visualising helps too lol.. When I started all I knew was what was projected in the media. The Internet .. That is all.. I am no guru or mentor I am only an expert at being me who happens to do music. Let destiny open doors, and if it’s closed shut? Personally I would try the window 😉 #JustSaying lol


I’m sorry.. I just Love this girl!!

Her vibe.. her energy.. its just amazing!! I hope this has given you a lil’ feel of the amaaazing talent that UK is offering us!!

make sure you follow her:

Twitter: @JarethMusic

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JARETHONLINE?feature=watch

and be SURE!! to buy her single..


Hope you enjoyed!! xxxo

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