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Benefit Mascara – They’re Real – £18.50

…A much-needed beauty review!!…

I was stocking up again on my Benefit Carmella Perfume when I was offered a chance to try out some of the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara!! I never really pass an opportunity to get glammed up.. *grin*

I’ve always had an issue when it comes to mascara… because lets face it!!.. the models on the adverts have always got the full works on.. and they ALWAYS have fake eyelashes on!

after the gorgeous Benefit Beautician put the mascara on one of my eyes.. its was eeeeever so corny..but i literally had to ask.. “are they real” when i looked in the mirror!

They looked sooooo long, Jet black and had body to it! they’re specially designed brush definitely revealed lashes I never knew I had!! It lasted the whole day without smudging or drying like it said on the leaflet.. which is an extra bonus for comfort.

So Ladies.. I would DEFF uggest adding Benefit to your make-up bag/kit.. head down to benefit and give it a go!! and literally SEE the difference…!!!

If you do try it… I would love to know your thoughts:


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