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One of the best thing about being a stylist is being able to go to Press days where you get an up close and personal preview at the brand/s new collections a season early..

I was Invited to Varg PR’s Press day… I loooove these Ladies! they are so warm & friendly.. and may I add very stylish!! The Nina Jarebrink shirt I used on Alisha White for the Pride Magazine Publication was from Varg PR! Their brands are individually amaaaazing and have been featured in countless lead Fashion Magazines and Celebs!!

#TodayImWearing Blue Satin Shirt and mini Leather A-line leather skirt from H&M, Vintage Horse belt, Zara Hat, Henry Holland Suspender Tights and Henry Holland Horse Buckle Loafers (below)


So here Is a lil peak at my favourite pieces from the AW 2012 Collection of designer brand Dagmar…

Yara Knitted Fur Organic wool (limited edition)

Gabrielle top burn out velvet & Linda Trouser burn out velvet

I reeeally loved how this is paired together to look like a jumpsuit!!.. slam a gold belt some heels/wedges and a gold clutch.. outfit DONE!!

Linda Trouser washed silk

LOVE the colour!!

Gala dress Burn out Velvet

What I particularly love about this piece is that it’s a modern alternative to the ‘little black dress’.

Also investing in the right leopard print piece with a classic cut (on this item its the A line/skater dress cut) is a MUST HAVE for the wardrobe for all shapes and sizes! and the fact that this is near enough black.. what a winner!!

This is DEFF on my wishlist!!

Debra Long dress in washed silk with zip closure

I was greeted at the door by Press officer Tove Westling in this goooorgeous dress!! I was gassssping to ask her to do a lil Angelina Jolie pose for me (her legs went on for daaaaays in this number!!)

Rachel long silk dress with zipper closure (padded shoulders)

I loved the similarity in this dress to the Debra.. gooorgeous RICH colour!!!

..And lastly here is a lil’ peak at what Nina Jarebrink has to offer for her AW 2012 collection… which I could not keep my HANDS OF whilst eyeing up the rail!!…

The icing on the amazing day is the pack of lookbooks you get to drool over.. and then the goodies you get inside your bag… Varg PR officers definitely didn’t hold back.. I was gifted a GOOORGEOUS scarf by Gundrun sjoden (as seen in my product review), gorgeous top from 2ND Day, Nina Jarebrink Bracelet, Rose Choules coin purse, gorgeous cosmetics.. TASTY sweedish sweets (which I had the pleasure of getting a taster session with of one of the officers so I could find my favourites) and theee cutest Mateus Owl (ss12).


I Definitely look forward to Working with some of these amazing brands over my next few shoots planned.. so stay tuned!!


Hope you enjoyed xxxo


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