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Lets have a show of hands for anyone who does not like ASOS?!! *que crickets and tumbleweed*

I am talking about one of the biggest Fashion retailers to grace the Internet!! If you’re looking for it.. ASOS have it!!

I have developed a relationship with ASOS through fashion styling and felt AB-soLUTELY honoured to attend my first Press day with them this month and finally get to meet these gorgeous press officers and see the clothes up-close and personal!

After signing in at reception I walked into a room where I was ‘wow’ed’ by gooorgeous shoes, jewellery and accessories i.e. girls Heaven!!

Shoes and Accessories

Mouth watering colours and splashes of glittering glamour which are DEFINITE must haves for the AW12/13 season.

I am LOVING this necklace with the hint of Neon Green!! *gasssp*! and check out the statement Baroque Printed ankle boots!! #Wishlist!!

So this collection of pieces is from ASOS’ Collection Revive!! Amaaazing ‘Superhero’ inspired pieces!

The gloves are a SUperHot.. yet timeless piece to add to the wardrobe!! And I am Absolutely loving the ‘kryptonite’ inspired rings!!

When I look at this Collection.. I would LOVE to style Rita Ora in some of these pieces!! (someone I would love to style!!).

A mix of glittering glitz and glam for the everyday look!! I am smitten for the embellished bag! and pairing it with the metallic high tops would look Amazing!!

Then we move into pieces which have more of a play with texture!! I absolutely love the paper bag style Clutch! We are  definitely seeing a lot more use of clashing patterns for the next season, but I do encourage to use this with statement pieces!!

We then moved into more cleaner pieces of jewellery.. I love how the pieces were paired with the boots which gave it that extra edge!

I loved these pieces!! it had a Vintage edge to it.. with jewel tone pinks, purples and greens!! Each being ultimate statement pieces.. #WISHLIST

We then moved onto these gorgeous androgynous inspired statement pieces. The embellished Leather collar was love at first sight! I can definitely see it paired with a sheer shirt… *swoon*

Here is what I call the print Palette! Here is another example of those MUST HAVE statement pieces (pattern clash). Seeing is seriously believing! I’d call someone crazy if they described some of these heels, but they absolutely work (of course)!!

I am a huge fan of anything androgynous.. and I loved how these pieces have a cheeky boyish edge to it!

Slightly moving away from androgyny (embellished tie).. we move into pieces which are a lot more minimal.. which screamed vintage 50-70’s inspiration.. I was absolutely loving the photographic print bag and the choker necklaces which we have seen a lot of this season.. WHICH are.. to DIE for!!

I felt excited when it came to the accessories wall.. I was told

“just because it will be getting cold doesn’t mean we have to banish life and colour from our wardrobe!”..

Such an exciting wall! I loved the idea of the Novelty pieces i.e. pencil scarf along with the mixture of texture and use of colour blocking! I definitely CAN NOT WAIT to wrap up!!

Here is another ASOS’ Collaboration with designer Lauren Mccalmont!! I loved the mixture of textures and colours on her pieces with humorous quotes printed on top of it!! I really loved the Statement Leggings (bottom middle), such a lovely way to bring colour and life to the winter wardrobe!


..And then we had some beauty pieces *rubs hands together*..

Displaying some of ASOS’ Biggest brands, giving a peek at some of the key colours/trends for the coming AW season!!


This Collection is called ‘Nowhere Girl’… Which is described as the androgyny collection *YAAAY!!* MAsculine Silhouettes.. Boyfriend blazers.. tailored trousers.. and gooorgeous two-pieces which we have seen a bit of this SS season!!

I love this wine tone leather look shirt… It was gorgeously paired a basic cable knit jumper.. but what a statement..

These were my favourite pieces from ASOS’ collections ‘Baroque’, ‘Glitz’ and ‘Girls World’.. I saw some of the most amazing feminine silhouettes… and Peplum pieces EVER!! It was a rail of, embellishment.. Glittering metallic pieces… embroiled fabrics.. mouth-watering Jewel tones and show-stopping photographic prints!! It had everything that got you in the mood for Partying!! Again, I saw a few 2-piece suits in the Glitz Collection.. and you can see a play on pattern clashing in terms of clothing!!

This was ASOS’ ‘Woodland’ collection… Just seeing it explains it all… I loved the boho/Tribal type of look of this collection.. i definitely think your winter wardrobe is not complete without some fur in it.. this collection was ‘Furr-tastic *cringe at how corny that sounds*.. I will not lie.. I fell in love..

The tones were a lot darker in this collection.. hints of yellows and oranges.. but more of a mixture of muted blues, wine reds and khaki greens…

Previously I showed you the ‘Revive’ collection in the Shoes and accessories images…. this is the clothing for that collection…

Looks for that super HERO and for that devious super Villan inside every woman… I was IN LOVE with the embossed leather look trousers!! #Wishlist & I loved the ‘Poison Ivy’  inspired mermaid sequin dress!!

ASOS Africa

I then moveed onto ASOS Africa! I loved how the pieces were a merge of print and activewear (jersey materials).

A lot of muted pastel colours for this collection.. but gorgeous baroque like printing!!

ASOS White

Then I moved onto ASOS White.. this is a collection from some of ASOS’ designers bringing the old school into the new school!! for example the modernised ‘bomber jacket’!! I was in Love with the PVC look Coat!! #Wishlist


And then there was ASOS Inc. A collaboration with designer/illustrator Elliot Atkinson.

This lovely collection of irresistibly soft loungewear was gorgeous, really had me in the mood for curling up on the Sofa in style!

ASOS MarketPlace

I then got to move into Marketplace where ASOS got to showcase some of there most popular boutiques..

Designer boutique Mint Vintage!! I was captivated by the embellished pieces and cat-eye sunglasses!!

Annie and the Mannequin… I was in LOVE with this Silk Kimono!! A mixture of glamorous vintage pieces that screamed 1930-1940’s!!

Take a look at the flapper inspired head pieces.. I especially love the one with crosses on it!!

Designer boutique ‘The white pepper’.. It was a more relaxed brand I absolutely loved the leopard print statement jeans they had..

Boutique Thomas Codd London… British indeed… Apart from the signiture Plaid print, I really loved the sttement vest tops they had!!

I was so inspired by the pieces I saw.. and it had my mind bubbling over with ideas for shoots etc.

I decided to take a look at the full collection, so keep your eyes peeled from a quick look at the menswear collections…

Hope you enjoyed.. xxxo

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  1. May 13, 2012 / 8:31 pm

    I love the prints. Must have been a great day, very jealous 😉

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