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Like myself… having blood run through me which orginates from the Caribbean.. I’d like to think I have a chance at ‘running it’ Like rihanna #itsacaribbeanthing

In my opinion this woman holds a gift.. a gift with men that i would like to be revealed!! *bows like a samurai*

Rihanna has rumoured to be.. (lets put this in an adult way) ‘letting her hair down’ over the past few months.

 She has been the allegedly getting down with some of the HOTTEST Celebrity Males in the industry (both music and Hollywood)… which I agree.. its her business.. Look at her.. she is HOTT!!

Today Twitter has been on fire.. which is why I HAVE to post this so that you guys can get the low down.

Tweeter @2chnz has been shedding the light on the Bust up between Chris Brown, meek mills and Drake.. Not forgetting ‘the Entourage’ at a NYC club Last night!

(pls read bottom to the top of EACH picture)

These tweets explain that drake had definitely come into physical contact with Chris Brown..

Using the word ‘stole’ from my understanding this means ‘slap’.. but can also be a punch..

Other sources say that Chris brown had initially started the fight when he ‘threw’ a bottle over at drake which is what sent them ‘face to face’ arguing over  what other topic.. but our Rhi Rhi.

(whom both have had previous ‘deep’ feelings for’, but is evidently still there! whereas for meek mill.. in my opinion.. he has no emotional connection)

These tweets explain how this feud had originally started and agreeing with many of our suspicions that we ‘new it was coming’.

Meek Mill is a upcomming rapper,  he recently just released a mix tape and has gained the respect by many. He had teamed up with Chris brown previously on a track which I believe was to be released.

After Chris brown found out that Rihanna and the rapper Meek Mill had been having ‘relations’ Chris decided to take Mills of the track. This no doubt caused friction between the two artists.. Evidently on twitter, where they would throw indirects at each other.

Meek mill tweeted that Chris took him off the track cos she let him “watch the throne” (talkin about Rhianna)” a source tells me

Sources tell me Meek and Drake have become close (by music labels young money etc.)  and Drake threw back a tweet at Chris:

“oh is that your ho? She everybody ho now”

Supporting Meek Mills and ‘De-grading’ Rihanna, which in my opinion is uncalled for!


This set of tweet explains that after Drake had punched Chris brown, that’s when meek mills comes into the equation and begins to fist fight Chris brown.

All this ‘tity boi’ managed to get video footage of.

He clearly finds it ‘funny’ that these guys are fighting over rihanna.. which I could agree.. this is very stupid!

This clarifies.. there was a bottle.. but whoever threw it was not Drake or Meek..

But again.. to other sources after Drake had punched Chris.. he had in FACT threw a bottle at him.. cutting his chin BEFORE Chris Brown could retaliate.

is ‘Tity boi’ covering for Drake?

Chris brown uploaded an image of his wounds yesterday with a set of tweets:

‘Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol

N”ggas is p”ssies/Throwin bottles.

How u party wit a rich nigga that hate? Lol…. Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!

Niggas is p***y!

Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol http://instagr.am/p/L2Q1whPpUn/

And I’m the singer?

Niggas hiding in the bathroom b***h ass niggas!

Ok! Niggas stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don’t pay them enough!

Niggas throwing bottles! Y’all niggaz weak!


 Source then shows that yet again.. after another one of Chris’s twitter rants.. he in FACT DELETES all those tweets.. (good idea.. but truly you SHOULD get a Journal Chris and stop tweeting thoughts you regret)

This set of tweets also shows us that Rihanna was present during the attack! But it did appear that Chris brown WAS jumped.. showing the fight was unfair!!


In my opinion, these set of tweets show me that Chris brown truly deleted the tweets because he does not want anyone to know what was REALLY ‘going down’.

Chris direct messages our source bribing him with 2 Million dollars to NOT show the video:

I would have taken it.. *Don’t care face* thats a whole house with a wardrobe *snatches* .. tank YOOOUU! LOOOL!!

Now these set of tweets are interesting…

what does our source mean by Karma?? could this attack be something Rihanna was previously aware of happening.. could rihanna be getting back at Chris brown?

*rubs chin*

This picture was uploaded by which i believe by his twitter profile to be club management.. confirming the incident in the club.. and saying he will “send tha bill”. The club looks distroyed.. and the people in the shot look shocked.

Tweets were also sent by New york Party promoter ‘Jessica Rosenblum’ Highlighting how hard the club had worked to get hip hop into downtown NYC. Also that Meek had been stirring the whole feud the whole night.. and that he should ‘GTFO if he doesn’t know how to hang’ in NYC.

The picture shows the true extent to what happened in the club, sources also say that people who were in the club were also injured by the glass and were tweeting pictures of their injuries.. tut tut…

Rapper Meek tweets ‘mocking’ the situation saying “it wasn’t me”.. Shaggy voice… REALLY??! 

Clearly showing no remorse for the whole situation..

grown, wealthy men.. STILL FIGHTING!!


Whatever it is, and EVIDENTLY by this SUPER FAN of Rihanna.. who thinks its alllllll about “crimping”

Rihanna is intoxicating.. and whether its good or bad I think we are really beginning to find out.. does she hold another realm in her designer thong.. WHO KNOWS!!

But lets stay true.. she makes great music.. and she is probably laughing about this.. and is only gonna move on to the next..

clearly on instagram.. she has other things on her mind.. “get drag..” *tyga voice*

How about writing a book rihanna??.. and shedding some light on this gift!!?

P.S. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! reporters PLEEEASE stop asking Rihanna questions.. expecting her to answer questions about her personal life.. you might just be that one to get sucker punched!!

Let me know your thoughts on this incident…

hope you enjoyed xxxo



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  1. June 14, 2012 / 2:22 pm

    Thank you for linking our article with your site!!!! Awesome post above btw! Drama Drama Drama!!!!

    • June 14, 2012 / 2:40 pm

      i knooow!! thanks 4 your comment xxo

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