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The Africa Express, the train that carried 80 musicians from Africa, Europe and other parts of the world around the UK for a week, has reached its final destination, London’s King’s Cross, for its last concert. – BBC

As some of you know!! I had the privilege of styling Shingai Shoniwa for this event!!

So grab your backstage pass for some up close and personal images from the day, along with detail of what she was wearing!! xxxo Here is Shingai just jumping of the Africa Express train in Kings Cross where she was took a pic with Baaba Maal wearing Fashion Designer Lall!!

  Its ALLLL about embellishment for me this season to make that Ultimate statement! This jacket screamed out “take me please” when I went into Lall’s studio!! it’s a Vintage lovers dream!! 

  After the Glam squad Mario Dionisi (Make-up and Hair) and I swished Shingai into our workspace she was ready for the stage!!

Here is a shot of Shingai which was taken by Noisettes PR… how gorge’ is she?!?! *swoon* Layered Necklaces by Fiona Paxton.

Dress by Natalie Ann

Shoes by Atlanta Weller (she wore the brown)

 …Then it was time for the Noisettes to take the stage and they absolutely rocked it!!


After they done their first performance we all went backstage where… *breathes deeply* I got to meet Sir Paul McCartney!!!! *cue vintage video of women screaming over the Beatles*

I was able to take this gorgeous snap of Shingai and Sir Paul McCartney on my mobile!! *eeek*


..Then as if it couldn’t get any better! Shingai Grabbed the Bass… Toby Grabbed his Drumsticks… Marques Toliver grabbed his violin and Sir Paul McCartney grabbed a mike and my god did they JAM!!

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I truly say… just believe in your dreams!! This was honestly an AMAAAZING day for me!

After rocking it backstage, was the final performance… Woohoo!!

The Noisettes backstage!

Hope you enjoyed xxxo

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