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Kohatu + Petros are a Beautifully unique and contemporary jewelery brand providing bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

This gooorgeous chic Jewellery store is tucked away in Marylbone (London), where they hand-make their jewellery. They use a wide range of Unique semi-precious gemstones and Italian gold and silver chains in their collection.

Best of all my fellow Jewellery lovers.. their collections are always ‘limited editions’ which are bang on trend as each collection is created to reflect the colours, fashion trends and moods of the seasons.

The founders and Designers of the Brand Joanna Salmond and Varney Polydor Just recently held another press day where they welcomed another designer brand into their store Tomasz Donocik whose pieces I have pulled before).

I saw press images from Magazines such as Bazaar etc. and I also spotted a piece which was worn by gorge Celebrity Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes in the Evening Standard.

Here’s your backstage pass…

I love the Versatility in the pieces Kohatu and Petros make… whether you want to go for a simple look or prefer a more layered/dramatic look, they have exactly what you need!!

I was especially woo’ed by their bracelets! I love layering my bracelets and rings, they offer the widest range I have ever seen of unique beaded bracelets and fine Italian Silver bracelets. Even if it’s from a different collection, they still elegantly compliment each other.

 I L…O…V…E.. The bracelet I got gifted.

The attention to detail is amazing.. each bracelet has a unique signature gold bead and a few of them have the charm on the bracelet (like above) which is the brands logo.

Rings that look amaaazing layered…. *swooon*

Here are some of my favourite necklaces! I love the rich colours of the beads, and because the cut of the stones all the necklaces glisten *bling bliiing*

..Some more gorgeous rings!!

Designers Joanna Salmond and Varney Polydor (photo taken from the Retail Jeweller)

Website: www.kohatuandpetros.com

58 Chiltern Street  London, Marylebone, London W1U 7QZ
020 7486 7737

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