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When styling, one of the basics is working out what body shape you or the person you’re styling (client) is. This basic information will help you find the right look that will bring the best out of you or your client.

So what are the different body shapes?



This body shape is also known as the triangle. This is the most common body shape for women.

How do I know if I’m Pear shaped?

  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders
  • Usually a slender upper body
  • Full hips and bum

How do I style a Pear body shape?

  • Use the trick of colour shifting. Using darker colours causes an illusion of slimming down body parts. Choose darker colours on the bottom half.
  • Use Neck jewellery to take the focus to the top half of the body.
  • Using wide necks and ‘V’ necks help to broaden the shoulders.
  • Use Empire Cuts and ‘A’ Line dresses/skirts help to camouflage wide hips.
  • If you were to eat some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts… it would go straight to your thighs and bum

Beyoncé – Pear Shape

Another Body shape connected with pear shape is the:

Inverted triangle

This is where the Shoulders are wider than the hips; this is usually accompanied with a medium to large bust.

You style this in reverse of the pear shape. Dark colours are worn on the top. The use of low and narrow necklines and shoulder pads will help to narrow the appearance of shoulders.

Jessica Alba – Inverted Triangle 


This body shape is also known as ‘Curvy’ *grrr*. This is the most desired body shape to the female… and yes ladies.. MALE race!

How do I know if I’m hourglass shaped?

  • Equal shoulders and hips
  • Usually medium to full breasts
  • Well Defined waist
  • IF you were to feast on KFC for a Few days… It would go straight to your breast or thighs and bum

How do I style an hourglass body shape?

  • This body shape has the upper-hand in wearing fitted clothes… it definitely gives a more ‘classy look’ so definitely use fitted dresses or pencil skirts etc.
  • Use waist belts or clothes with waist definition i.e. ‘A’ Line dress.
  • The use of a shift dresses are also flattering especially if you want to minimize the hips.
  • ‘V’ neck lines are also A must.

Kim Kardashian – Hour Glass


This Body shape is also known as the Oval and Diamond Body shape. It’s SUPPOSED to be a difficult body shape to dress because the top half and bottom half are two different sizes.

How do I know if I’m apple-shaped?

  • Mid-Section of the body is wide
  • No real Waist definition.
  • Waist is usually equal to, or larger than shoulders and hips
  • Narrow shoulders and Small hips
  • If you make crisps and chocolates your Snack all day everyday… it will go straight to themed section

How do I style an Apple body shape?

  • The use of colour shifting also works for this body shape. Using darker colours on the top half help to minimize the look of it.
  • The use of completing a whole outfit with the same colour can also make an illusion of the whole body being equally proportioned.
  • This body shape usually has slimmer legs than Pear or Curvy.. So take advantage and use shorter skirts or maybe this seasons tailored shorts.
  • Use THIN belts, this helps to subtly bring definition into the waistline.
  • Use of Earrings or Necklaces help to bring attention up to the Face and take it away from the mid-section.
  • The use of ‘V’ Necks can also help to bring the eye line down to the centre of the body.
  • AND LADIES… this is a must to help secretly cinch in the mid section of your body… SUPPORT UNDIES!! It doesn’t have to look like Bridget Jones’ ones.. All leading retailers are selling simple and glamorous support underwear.

Queen Latifah – Apple


This body shape is also known as the rectangle and straight body shape.  And although This Body shape is favoured in fashion industry

How do I know if I’m Boyish shaped?

  • Hips and shoulder width are equal
  • Usually small bust
  • If you were to pig out on Pizza Hut everyday… lucky you… it will SOMEHOW evenly distribute itself over your whole body… (cow) *jealous*

How do I style a Boyish body shape?

  • The use of wide waist belts help to create definition into the waistline
  • Bold prints and horizontal stripes are good for the bottom and top of the body.
  • ‘A’ Line dresses or skirts help to create an illusion of a defines waist and hips
  • Overall, this body shape is the EASIEST to style.. pretty much anything will look good as long as it is not to Baggy (you will look like a drowning cat) or to small you will look like a 11 year old boy (Just being honest)

Rihanna – Boyish

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  1. Sue v
    July 17, 2013 / 2:28 pm

    i cant tell if im a pear or hourglass like i have very slender arms n upperbody ish but my boobs are a 32DD full cup but narrow in width but a big bum n thighs n hips??

    • July 21, 2013 / 1:53 pm

      If your shoulders are a smaller width compared to your hips. you are a pear shape xxxo

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