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YAAAAAY!! Calling all lovers of fashion! Nothing is going to warm up your winter day like a backstage pass to Varg PR’s Spring Summer 2013 Press day!! Full of bright colours, photographic print, Peplum detail and goooorgeous summer knitwear!!


Here is Gudren Sjoden‘s spring summer 2013 collection which in my opinion is a little different to the other collection I have seen.

I instantly fell in love with the A-Line Style striped dress and a few others pieces.. will definitely try to get my claws into them!!


Here is a goooorgeous colour block style dress from DAGMAR! I love the Neon, the detail in the knit and of coooourse the cut-out detailing!!

Here is the whole of Dagmars spring summer 2013 collection… Neon green/yellow… sultry sea blues…. and mouth-watering Coral!! Oh YAY for SUMMER!!

One of the gorge’ press officers mentioned that this collection reminded them of the seaside.. and weirdly… it did…

I love the Mix of the summer knitwear and the lightweight printed pieces in this collection… *Swoon*  *thinks of seaside*


…So you look at this jumper, and you automatically think knit right?

Well what I love about Dagmar is that they always produce some ECO-Friendly pieces and this jumper is made from 100% recycled denim!!

HOW AMAAAZING IS THIS jumper!!??! Plus its is soft as hell!   

Stylein had a goooorgeous rail of clothes, but I can’t seem to find the pic!! But here is a Jacket I couldn’t keep my eyes of!!


This Collection offered pieces which you could mix and match.. me and gorge’ press officer Ellis couldn’t stop talking about this playsuit!! Ellis looked gooorgeous in it for the housewarming!!

*cue trumpets and red carpet* 

Now THIS was my fav’ piece of the day! 2ND day have done it again.. a dress to DIE for!! Embellishment Radar went OF THE HOOK with this one!! What a beautiful blend of embellishment, Neon colours and a way to show of skin tastefully!! I just loooove the bralette detailing, the way this dress is made is OH SO flattering to the female body!! I must admit if you haven’t noticed already.. I want one NOW!!!

Here is a peak at some of 2ND Days spring Summer collection including my 2nd fav’ piece of the day!! look at these Embellished Leggings.. PERFECT for that day to night transition!!

Here is Designer Won Hundred’s Spring summer collection, which I must admit just gets better and better each season!!

This collection has a subtle androgynous feel to it which I loooove!! I love the mix of mustard yellow and aquatic blues!! The colour palette is to die for!

…the other end of the rail.

If you don’t know about Finsk heels… well blimmin’ get to know right about now!! Finsk is on my 365 days a year wishlist!! This dream brand have blown me away for spring summer season.. and believe me  after last season, I never knew that was still possible!

These Finsk wedges… ummn.. I wasn’t quite sure about. But I was told an interesting fact which could be behind the inspiration for these Unique shoes. Apparently some Muslims would wear leather socks to keep sand and dirt away from their feet so that prayer time was easy… and wallah.. we have leather socks and sandals on these…. *shurgs* Not for everyone I must admit.

..Now these Finsk wedges are quite cute!! Monochrome with straps that wrap up the leg… A timeless item that you just can’t go wrong with.

So now to merge from Finsk (finsk ‘skin’ above) to Designer label Day which I believe 2nd Day is branched from…

I loved the detailing on the shoulders.. very tribal!!

Day’s Spring summer had a very subtle and sophisticated colour palette. embellishment was paired more with pale peaches and pinks! Whereas 2nd Day had it paired with more blacks, charcoal grays etc.


Say hello to My THIRD fav’ Piece from the press day!! I LOVE THIS JACKET!!! C’MON!! The tailored cut, the fabric and the versatility for day to night wear!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! *crowd of women cheer*

Where would we be without a healthy dose of Peplum which we have seen a lot of this season!! And this Raspberry colour is LUSH Thank you Day!!

..More of Day’s rail. click to have a closer look at the gorgeous print on some of these pieces!!

… Some more print from Day and gorgeous embellishment on peach and Pale pinks!! Oh-So feminine!! *swoon*

Here I present to you a peak at Label HIDE which is stocked in Urban Outfitters at the moment.. want a bit of gossip? this brand will also soon be seen on Pop-sensations like Nicki minaj!!

Last but not least!! a look at some of the lush Menswear from Spring summer 2013!! colour.. print..Denim and more two-pieces!! I love this!!

..Close -up of the rail!!

I hope you enjoyed!!


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