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I think it’s eeeeeeessential that we know how to pose… Tis’ the season to sparkle and we are going to see more camera’s in our face than Kerry Katona after her newspaper headliner exposing her drug abuse!! LOOOOL!

So to always look great in pictures I thought i could cover some basic tips on how to look taller, slimmer and more glamorous in your images.

I think the hands on the hips is EVERYBODY’s first pose courteously of Beyoncé… whether we are at a  photoshoot, Getting street style snapped or we are on a night out.. it just feels so natural to pose like a DIVA.

Like Tyra shows (minus the ponytail… i beg of you) make sure there is leeeength in your neck, this can also give you that ‘model’ height and prevent you from having no neck syndrome!!

This is a brilliant example i found on www.blush-berry.blogspot.com of posing while seated.. I KNOW I’m not the only one who has deleted a fair amount of pics because my nickers are on show…. or.. I just so happen to look like a seated bloke in a dress.. lol!! but i think this is a great pose to work on to look SUPER HOT while seated!! *BRAVO blush berry*

This is one of the most common poses.. I’ll also say this from experience!!… But sometimes it can make our thighs look  ‘bottom heavy’… so yes.. apart from her being a model with lovely legs… there are elements which she is doing RIGHT which make her body look even HOTTER!..

The foot which doesn’t have her weight on it (right side) would usually be the leg which ends up looking a bit heavy.. by turning this leg slightly in puts more weight on the leg which make makes the leg tighten and look slimmer.. this angle also hides the back of the leg (this is tried and tested btw) *grin*… honestly… do it in the mirror!!

Also another big tip!! she is not angling her toes directly at the camera.. not only do you want to show of the heels you spent hours proudly looking for but it also is another camera trick to make your legs look longer!!

If you’re blessed with curves… or  you want to pose and accentuate your curves like Kim Kardashian… then I say this pose is right up your street (me in the pic). The reason why i chose this pose is because it looks classy and feminine and creates a gorgeous silhouette. This pose is common in Pics seen of Beyoncé *grin*… but if you want to loose the hand in the hair, I won’t be mad at you LOOL!

Many of us women make a HUUUUGGGEE mistake by picking less flattering poses to “show” of our curves.. and the awkward position makes you lose your neck but worst of all… it creates excess curves n places you REEEALLY don’t want them..

For example:

Sorry J.LO…. I HAD to do it.. a great example of  posing that is SOOOO not flattering. *shakes head*.. in the words of Andre Leon Talley..”That just looks ‘DRECK’..”

So don’t be afraid to practice.. Even models have to practice to look great in their images (with the help of photoshop). It will make all the difference.. and you’ll no longer  have to fight your mate for their phone or digital camera, trying to delete that GASTLY image they took of you! LOOOL!!

“pose for the camera, now click.. CLICK!!”


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  1. Cyborg
    June 29, 2012 / 5:09 am

    Hey – where did you get the ‘Tyra Banks’ image from ?
    I seem to recall her doing a pose book a while back, but can’t remember what it was called, and wonder if this is from it ?

    • July 1, 2012 / 4:59 pm

      Hi, I managed to get the picture of google image search.
      Erica x

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