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Only now, have i had a lil nosey to look deeper into this topic after my chat with a fellow fashion stylist.
Everyone is angry with him calling him a perve etc. I must admit, I was shocked when I read the report that was fuel written when a model (who had a bad experience with him) was ‘irked’ when the ‘interesting’ shots he took of Miley was released. It is common sense that if a photographer is getting naked on set and then pleasures himself over his models. Then to make matters worse, a member of his shoot team hands the Model a towel

… something is very wrong.

But lets face it… this accused man IS Talented.. have you seen his work?? If we were going to book Terry or be booked by him, based on the work he produces anyone should know what type of risky shots he would want to create.

If it is true, I wouldn’t only hold him accountable for this alleged ‘abuse’ but i would also hold the team he shoots with accountable. The Make-up Artist, The Fashion stylist, The Hairstylist, The Photographer Assistant even the person who hands out water…. because as a fashion stylist (who has to be HANDS ON models private parts… I mean buttoning up a leotard against a models vagina or taping their boobs and nipples type of close…) A Models comfort is soooo crucial. Not only to the reputation of yourself or the team but also the quality of the shots. All his models/Muse’s don’t look scared in fact, they are ‘in character’.
I am personally drawn to his work and believe he is praised because of his Clean headshots and unique, quirky yet risky concepts he brings to the table.

Ok… I’ll Shut up now…
Maybe hold the Him and the team accountable for the alleged behind the scene abuse… but I wouldn’t criticize him for his style/concepts of shooting. In that case we should be condemning all the photographers who shoot men’s mags…

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