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It’s In The Bag!! Balmain Victory!


Bag and Jewellery from H&M

We all love a mini shopping spree! So repeat after me.

“There is no shame… In emotional shopping”.

So after I had the pleasure of peeking the Press clipping prematurely at work! #Perks.com. I had my eye on a few pieces in the Balmain x H&M Collaboraton for a couple of months.

When the collection launched… The items were literally sold out in minutes, shops were even closed down & the website went into a turmoil of messages “it’s not you, it’s us”.*pfff* The popularity of the pricey designer brand Balmain and the social media weight of Olivier Rousteing and his supermodel/Kardashian crew was definitely unanticipated. Between you and me, even at the press event they new stock pieces were lower than expected! But regardless, it was a huge success! Now  unfortunately for me, I had my own drama that day clinging to my refresh button..

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 15.57.36.png

So, I was over the moon when I walked into the Regent street store and found some Balmain goodies left! *hoorah- Thank GOD*

Kendall Jenner Balmain H&M


Balmain x H&M £14.99

Balmain x H&M bandeau

Balmain x H&M bandeau £14.99

Balmain x H&M Skirt

Balmain x H&M Skirt £39.99


Here’s a peek of me in the Regent street store fitting rooms trying it on:


White Top


Black Top



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