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A Jar & Two Books You Need This Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!


As mentioned in one of my latest posts, 2015 was a tough year for me, I wasn’t able to blog for a few more months because I had another surgery about 6 weeks ago. But there is no reason why this year can’t be better right?

Now, I literally feel like I have stumbled on pure Gold and hope this post can help someone like it helped me!

One evening I was searching for some inspiration and decided to browse on Snapchat. I saw one of my friends Rita post a video of a few books. I saw titles such as…’Words to inspire’, ‘Goals Journal’, ‘Wellbeing diary’.. you name it! Rita Herself is a successful business woman, check out the hashtag #hairbyradiant or #colourmeradiant and the images will speak for itself!!

The books looked ‘tres chic’, very well designed! Something you would be proud to pull out of your handbag. The pages were colourful and activity orientated. Just to give me the kick up the bum that I oh-so desperately need, to get my amazingness back on track!

Take a look at it.

YAAAAY!! They arrived today! 11 days into the new year.. but so what right!?

About The Goals Journal:

Setting goals increases motivation to help you take control and set a clear pathway to achieve your dream life.
Use this journal to create a roadmap for your life. The fun exercises, prompts and planners will help you define what matters to you most and examine what you want to achieve so that you can create a clear vision for how you’re going to get there.

About The Wellbeing Diary:

Featuring both weekly and monthly views, you’ll love having the perfect tool to track your day-to-day appointments, reminders and to do’s. The inspiring quotes and fun exercises throughout will encourage you to take a moment to pause and reflect on your health, nutrition, exercise and overall wellbeing. Each month also has a unique reflection page so you can look back over your achievements, challenges and happy moments, being thankful for every little thing.

You can get both these books along many, many other picturesque  inspirational books! Just Click here.

So the Jar?


….well let me explain.

Every year my family get together on new years day and exchange present’s to those we never got to see over the holiday.

I.. was lucky enough to bag myself some more make-up and another delectable book by Nigella. Which, I was already bookmarking at first glance (if you know me, you know i love her!).

Amongst other gifts, I decided to give each family household a ‘Blessings Jar’. I instructed that throughout the whole year, they are to write down all their blessings and achievements made and put it in the jar. Then the same time next year (01/01/2017) we would all go through our jars.

This jar is all about gratitude and happiness. Trust me, I can’t remember what I even ate last week! Speaking from personal experience, when things are tough, it’s so hard to remember any of the good!

I got my jar for £3.50 in Tesco, but this could be an old jar, a tin or even a shoe box that you have laying about! Give yourself the task of decorating it to make it look interesting!

Final thoughts… NEVER forget that;

“God loves you far too much to hand you something too early or too late. He knows when you’re ready for it. Trust”

– Unknown

Happy New Year!!!

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