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Fashion Stylist Tutorial | Mastering A Photoshoot

Are you considering starting a new career as a fashion stylist and want to take the next step?

As a Stylist, I get asked a lot of questions about what I have to do on the job.

“What does a Fashion Stylist do on a photoshoot? “

is definitely one of the main questions!

So, I have come up with 5 simple steps to help you master the photoshoot process.
1. The Brief
2. The Pulling
3. The Shoot Day
4. The Returns
5. The Updates

These key steps will give you a head-start in the industry, giving you the tools to master the photoshoot process. Helping you get the best images and leaving your clients happy!

Music by:
Hayden James – No Time (Hanami Remix)

Dresses are from:

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Credits For Photoshoot Team:
Photography & Production: Barry Jeffrey and Team
PR: Catalyst PR
Client: Hair by Sleek
Fashion Stylist: Erica Matthews
Hair: Dionne Smith, Abigail Butler & Team
Make-up: Joy Adenuga & Team
Models: Lazara Storm, Mulan and Angeline M

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