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Lush Cosmetics ‘Magnaminty’ Mask Review!

Lush cosmetics Mask of magniminty review

The Miracle pot

So, January is always a tough month right? The Monday of all months!

I’ve been recovering from yet another operation I had at the beginning of December and this has left my skin a bit sluggish!

I was thrilled with all the beauty bits and bobs I was gifted over christmas and have been dying to give this Lush ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ a try. I have never tried any of their infamous products but I always hear my sister trill at how amazing and natural their products are!

One of my New Year Goals is to get into tip-top shape, my health means more than anything right now! After a successful glute-burning session of Pilates I decided to follow my weekly planner and Reward myself with a mini pampering sesh’.

After gently cleansing my face I applied the creamy green mask using an old foundation brush I abandoned and found it really easy to apply. Surprisingly the minty smell was dominant. There was a muted delicious scent which made me scramble for the ingredients list on the pot and of course I nodded when I read my favourite word… vanilla!…


Lush cosmetics Mask of magniminty review

Don’t I look Gorgeous?!

There was an expected tingle after I finished applying the mask… but nothing major.

I spent the instructed 10 minute application in the shower singing to my Spotify Tropical House playlist, desperately trying to avoid my face.


Lush cosmetics Mask of magniminty review

Buff Buff and away!…

I gently buffed the mask away using the palm of my hand with my face glove (much softer than regular exfoliation gloves) rubbing in the little evening primrose seeds.

I was really impressed! my skin visibly look brighter, tighter and smoother. This miracle pot is aimed at spots and tired skin and I definitely think it gave my skin the wake up call it needed.

I love that this mask is Self-preserving, safe for the face and body, easy to apply, smells great, brightens and clears the skin in 10 minutes and is 100% Natural and cruelty free!

I will definitely be using this in my Beauty routine more often!!

Want to try it yourself? Click Here

Hope you enjoyed xxxo

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