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In Love With BlackUp’s Eyeshadow Palettes!!


– Pride Magazine Review By Me:

Make-up trends change from season to season, but we love that Blackup cosmetics products always seem timeless!

Our beauty team are obsessed with their compact Luminous and vibrant ‘5 eyeshadow’ pallettes they have released, making it even easier to look glamorous on the go!

This sleek palette gives you four textures in one palette and allows you to apply a very natural day look, which you can then work into a deep sultry look for the evening!

Pal05 is one of the more more feminine palletes in the collection. The rich Mauve colour (top left) has a Satin finish which gives a gorgeous subtle sheen to the eye, perfect for creating a more edgy natural eye. Next to it (Top Middle) is a warm pink, which on application offers a soft metallic colour with a playful sparkling finish making it perfect for blending. The true underdog in this palette is the deep purple (top right) which gives a high pigmented metallic finish perfect for an evening look.

The Palette retails at £32.00 get yours here!

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