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Celebrity Styling #TBT

I love having the opportunity to build up my Celebrity Portfolio. Last week I got the chance to work with celebrity Jamelia on an upcoming project. Here’s a sneaky #bts shot of her! Stay tuned for the editorial! xxxo

Fashion Stylist Tips: Protect Your Pumps!

When I have to pack shoes for a shoot and want to protect them and the clothes (of course), sandwich bags are the PERFECT solution! Thank me later! xxxo

Updates: Business Growth!

So, it’ been a crazy few weeks I must admit! I’ve been running up and down all over London, but I’m finally getting my life on track!  But first… Some herbal tea… *sip* So. After a few weeks of doing some YouTube fashion tutorials, I’m feeling super inspired and motivated by everyone’s responses!! I’ve always had this ‘giving bone’ in my body and feel like my life isn’t as enjoyable…

Updated Office Look

Shoes by River Island Bag by Zara Coat by Missguided Skirt by H&M Get The Look:

Fashion Stylist Tutorials | How to Become A Fashion Stylist? part 2 – ‘Energy’

I think when you are job searching, it’s so important to look at the ‘job description’ to find out if you really have the tools for the job. Well, it’s the same with styling. It’s SO important to not get caught up in the glamour, but question yourself “Do I Have What IT Takes?” So, In this video I am covering the characteristic of ‘Energy’ and how it applies to…

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