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Updates: Business Growth!

So, it’ been a crazy few weeks I must admit! I’ve been running up and down all over London, but I’m finally getting my life on track! 

But first… Some herbal tea… *sip*

So. After a few weeks of doing some YouTube fashion tutorials, I’m feeling super inspired and motivated by everyone’s responses!!

I’ve always had this ‘giving bone’ in my body and feel like my life isn’t as enjoyable if I’m not helping somebody or making a difference in someone’s life.

I’ve decided to expand my expertise as a freelance Fashion/ Celeb Stylist and Visual Merchandiser to include Fashion Mentoring through workshops and one-to-one sessions (and hopefully one day become a role model – cheesey I know!!). 

I want to offer structured fashion workshops, not only to budding fashion stylists and people currently in the job role. But also for those who are considering a career in fashion who want to hear directly from industry creatives.

I will also have workshops for those who want more knowledge on how to dress, body awareness I.e. Body shapes and what colours suit them, as well as trends etc.

I’ve had this amazing business idea in my head which entails some great brand partnerships! – I’ve actually been sitting on this idea for two years. Since then, it’s developed substantially and I definitely know much more now than I did back then… So everything happens in its own time.

So where does the Princes Trust come in?- I hear you ask!

Well, I’m still under 30 *gazes at my bodyclock* so I still have the wonderful opportunity of joining them to learn how to start up this new business! I completed the course – HORAY. So I’m feeling super optimistic!

How will they help me this time?

– Help me write a solid business plan beyond fashion styling

– Give me goal setting accountability

– Give me an objective point of view

– Offer me a business mentor

– Help me find funding

.. I truly am excited about the next few months of my life! My goals journal and Wellbeing diary are truly changing my life!


I am already doing some online studying in mentoring!

– Are you interested in going to workshops?

– Do you need a fashion mentor?

I really would love to hear from you!


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